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Can anyone guide for salary i can ask my employer so that it could be a reasonable living in OSLO,Norway?

Question by uday: Can anyone guide for salary i can ask my employer so that it could be a reasonable living in OSLO,Norway?

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Answer by Ponds
The salary/remuneration for a particular job is the market value for a particular profession and designation at the city/town where the office is located. Job postings at websites like Monster, Yahoo HotJobs and Careerbuilder carry information about salaries. The Govt Dept of Labor, (www.bls.gov) Bureau of statistics has information about median salaries for different professions and details of additional compensation offered. Other online resources are salary.com and payscale. Your salary will also depend on your educational qualification and how you handle your career. More details and links to relevant websites available at http://7ys.info/

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Question by icecream4aman: How to live in the the US as a minor?
I have a green card. By my parents might ship back to Norway. Is there anyway of me being able to live in the US and continue my high school career?

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Answer by J.J. Walker Rides Again!
Nope. Go back with them. We have enough immigants here already that do not know how to spoke the language.

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