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where to study CCNA & other networking courses in germany?

Question by Milad Safi: where to study CCNA & other networking courses in germany?
I live in wiesbaden germany and i want to study CCNA is there any college of IT or not

thanks alot

Best answer:

Answer by Ritesh

CCNA has not worth now a days due to sheer number of people available having CCNA. I’ve seen people doing BPO jobs after CCNA, same people are working with College Freshers! Anyways, CCNP/and higher certifications like VoIP one do have value.

I do NOT recommend spending money on higher education in UK, USA etc. Because education in Norway, Sweden, Finland is completely FREE for Indians!! These universities have global ranking better than IIT, IISc and require no entrance tests to be cleared too, so you save tension of IIT-JEE or CAT for MTech/MBA/etc.

For studying abroad, the best country should be the one which is developed country + focuses on research + education + health etc. I believe Norway is the best for study, because Norway University are among the best in world (ever heard Nobel Prize, its given by Norway Universities). Plus PhD people get salary of 3000-4000 Euro per month as well.

So this would save you from spending lots of money or getting trapped with Education Loan. Just compare it with $ 50000 tuition fee required to do masters in Australia. So you save a lot of hard earned money of your Parents!!

Again, do check the official websites of these countries, like for Norway the site is http://www.studyinnorway.no Studies in Europe are way too easy as compared to India. For example, exam answer sheet is of 4 pages only, instead of 32 pages. Professors expect you to write as briefly as possible, and ask 4 question in each exam only.

Start searching for courses of your interest and apply ASAP, best of luck! God bless you.

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