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Are shy and introverted people destined to live a life of depression and sadness?

Question by : Are shy and introverted people destined to live a life of depression and sadness?
Mostly because American culture favors people who are highly socialized and outgoing. So now we feel as there is something wrong with us.

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Answer by masterball
i know your pain, i go through it on and off though
i just do something that makes me happy when i’m alone
perhaps pick up something in the arts, like singing, dancing, drawing, or playing a musical instrument

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Distorted Elements of Home
norway careers

Image by aha42 | tehaha
Living room reflected in fantastic lamp my sister found somewhere. It is like a lighthouse’s source to go! Perhaps I buy it from her and make a career of taking it places to shoot…

It is a lens!

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Question by lefty32: Lefty/progessive from USA wants to know what country to immigrate to and how?
I’m a 34 year old fed up with ignorant US policy. Even the most incremental change is fought tooth and nail by a center-right public and it’s bought and paid for politicians. I don’t think “change” is really possible here. I long for the New Deal days that are before my time. What country would be open to accepting an English speaking person willing to start a new life? The warmest climate and one that requires limited formal education for a career would be best.

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Answer by Paje
While I’ve certainly thought about the drawbacks of the US system of democracy I can’t say I know of a better place to live. Wherever you go you will need a craft or trade. I suggest you get it in America or some other English speaking country (hard to learn if you don’t speak the language). It looks like China or India has the best economic outlook but look where they started from. I wish you luck.

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