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Can a girl be a lorry driver in Norway?

Question by Jenn Howard: Can a girl be a lorry driver in Norway?
I’m an American girl in California that is looking forward to, and seriously planning to, relocate in Norway. I know that you have to live and work in the country to be eligible for citizenship in the easiest way and I plan on applying for skilled labor jobs to support myself until I am eligible. The problem is, the only thing I am skilled at is professional driving. I will become a truck driver next year and save enough money to move then I would like to apply for driving jobs in Norway.

Question is; I am an American and a girl and I’m wondering how realistic it will be for me to get a lorry job over there. If it’s close to impossible what would be other reasonable alternatives for me in that country.

I do not have enough money to pay for university education over there. Any suggestions would be great.

Best answer:

Answer by Ian M
The good news is that there is nothing in Norwegian Law that prevents a female being a lorry driver.

Whether the Norwegian authorities will accept you is a different matter. I can only suggest you look at the Norwegian Embassy website for guidance.

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Question by AgentInternational: How difficult is it to transfer to Norway/Sweden?
I’ve recently decided I might want to move abroad. I’ve narrowed my options down to Sweden or Norway. I would also like to trade in my business degree for a biology degree, which to my understanding is like going to school again, and that’s fine with me.

I’m looking to see how difficult it would be to…

Apply and be accepted to a university/program.

Find a job, for an American transplant given I have all the required visas.

So I’m trying to understand how competitive the Universities are when considering international students and what kind of work international employee can obtain.

I’m also curious to know how expensive it is to live there as I’m sure the cost of living is much higher.

Best answer:

Answer by Lawla
This has nothing to do with your question. But i live in norway. Dont go there, the tax is too high, if you want to go out with friends one night, you have to pay around 100 dollars for two drinks. Food is too expensive everything is expensive there.

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