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drivers license for foreigners in norway?

Question by ♥♥♥: drivers license for foreigners in norway?
if i have a valid drivers license from my country philippines, can i use it in norway? i have been living here for almost 2 years now. how long will i be able to use it? and what is international drivers license? thanks and 10 pts to the best answer,

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Answer by Food Warrior
You can get your International Driver’s License at AAA. We got ours last year and it was fast, easy and cheap. No tests, just a few forms to fill out. You can go to the AAA web site to verify that Norway accepts this license. But I believe most do.

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Question by hersh m: immigration in norway?
i am a kurdish boy and living in norway now as a refugee.i fled from my country because of the bad situation in my country ,,and here i applied for asylum seeker in norway but my case has been rejected by norweagian government just because that i am kurdish…..what is human rights here.. in my country everyday 30 people will die..how can i live in a country like this….

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Answer by boytondo
Get a lawyer who is familiar with immigration law in Norway and re-apply for reconsideration. Good luck.

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