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I am looking to move which of the following is easier to get a visa from, SWEDEN, NORWAY, ICELAND, CANADA.?

Question by darkbeasthunter: I am looking to move which of the following is easier to get a visa from, SWEDEN, NORWAY, ICELAND, CANADA.?
and also how, and where to go what site ETC, i have had trouble locating information, also pros and cons about any of the following would be great

I am a United States citizen, and not really delighted with it

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Answer by Zen
If you are from the states, it’s very helpful to go to the us government website and through there, go to the different embassays for those countries. That way you KNOW you are getting the right information and not only that, you are being told what exactly a US Citizen has to go through to get there…

Good Luck!

xoxo. zen.

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Question by bdids317: Moving to Europe(Norway)?
How would i begin my search on how to move to Norway? I know I’ll need a work visa, is it a hassle for the company to get me a work visa? do they have to go out of their way to get me in? I’m a cook but i want to move to Norway, so my best bet would to be save money and try to find a company to sponsor my visa right?
associates degree in culinary arts and high school diploma thats it

not from norway

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Answer by Elizabeth
I’ll address this as if you’re from the US, if it’s another country let me know. The rules for moving to Norway are similar to those for moving to an EU country. Unlike the EU, Norway doesn’t have to show they couldn’t find a local for the position unless the yearly quota for skilled workers has been filled. Most years, the quota isn’t filled. Instead, there are education and experience requirements.


You can obtain a permit as a skilled worker, if you have 3 years post-secondary school, or a combination of education and extensive experience. First, you need a concrete offer of employment from a company. You can apply for the work visa yourself, or give the company power of attorney to apply for you. The application includes forms, educational documents, CV/resumé, housing information (where you will live), and a fee of 1100 NOK.

It won’t be easy to find a company willing to sponsor a cook, unless you have great contacts in the business here, or are an exceptional chef. There are no additional expenses for the company to hire a foreign worker, but it’s very difficult to fire employees once they are hired, so most workers start on a 3-month trial contract. You normally need a 1-year offer in order to get a work permit if you are non-EU, and that sort of offer is unlikely especially for a foreign worker (no security).

Language is also an issue, as most companies require Norwegian or another Scandinavian language. You must be able to communicate about your job in the language, and understand commands and what is going on around you.

The easiest way into Norway is offshore work, since many people don’t want to work the shifts (often 2 or 4 weeks on, 12+ hours a day, 2 weeks off). Most who do offshore work are engineers/technicians, builders and scientists, but there is some demand for less technical work. To find these positions, you need to find out who staffs cooks for individual offshore projects. For the refinery I work at, it is ESS:


It is also possible to transfer through an international company, but this is likely only for very high positions. It is much easier to do transfers within Europe, and there are so many people here vying for such positions. When my boyfriend and I were first looking for work here (western Norway), I asked how many people were applying for each position. The number averaged 60-100 for cook positions, so there is a lot of competition.

The government site for posting jobs is https://www.nav.no/sbl/stillingssok/enkelt.do but jobs tend to be posted in Norwegian. To look for work in your field, type “kokk” in the “Søk etter ord i stillingsannonse” field, then search. It may give you a sense of where to start looking for companies. For example, these positions:



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