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Economically speaking would Scandinavia as a Union work out?

Question by Jason Santos: Economically speaking would Scandinavia as a Union work out?
As we can see there are many problems with the European Union but, countries in the Northern parts of Europe seem to be doing very well. My mother’s friend lives in Norway and the quality of life there is really good. Sweden and Denmark are also doing very well. Iceland was not doing so well however when it comes to trade they are doing very well. Would an economic but not a political union between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland workout? Also I am surprised that the Krones are not considered a hard currency but the U.S. dollar, euros and pounds are.

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Answer by Thor
An economical union or alliance is already in place between the the Nordic countries (Denmark, (along with the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).
Denmark, Finland, Sweden are members of the EU. Iceland and Norway are members of EFTA (European Free Trade Association). EU and EFTA created the EEA (European Economic Area) which now only includes Lichtenstein besides Iceland and Norway.
The EEA is a watered out EU contract based on the “four freedoms”: the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital within the so termed “Inner Market” of EEA.

These five nations total 25 millions inhabitants use five separate currencies. Euro in Finland, and each of the other country use their own national Krona, Króna (two counting the Faroese Króna, a localised version of the Danish Krone) and two Krone.

So as a conclusion an ecomical union is already in effect. There is limited interest in the area to further the economical cooperation between the states. Partly because the focus has been on the EU in the past two decades.

As a sidenote: The Nordic currencies are only used in their respective countries. They are small and require specific economical knowledge for trade. The international market already has four good currencies to use for international trade (Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Frank, US Dollar).

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Question by arnoldkg317: Does anyone know if USB webcams work on European computers?
My cousin lives in Norway and I want to get her a webcam for her birthday so we can talk over IM. I want to know if I have to get her a special kind or if a USB webcam will work. Thanks!

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Answer by N3O
it’ll work regardless there’s no region encryption on usb devices

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