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Cisco vs Web Design and Development vs Software Engineering…?

Question by Lolita: Cisco vs Web Design and Development vs Software Engineering…?
Which one opens more doors, is in high demand and pays the highest?
Which one is less stressful and can make you work immediately?

Also for which well known companies one can work for?

By the way, I’m planning to live in Norway so not sure how open is that market for wither one.

Thank You!

Best answer:

Answer by Jess
This is quite relative and depends on opinions / location / preferances but Ill share my personal experience:

WEB DEV: most competition as just about any IT person can do some, you can get little jobs immediately, however the differance between good and bad web dev’s is huge, and talents out of IT are often required (graphish, etc) The salaries is also one that could change the most as some would be paid very much and others close to nothing.

cisco (or networking as a whole) : You learn a ton of rules pass some exam every few years and pretty much apply those rules to most commonly fix problems or make plans. Networking jobs are usually high paying as they require diplomas and constant update of knowledge. There arent many jobs here but once you are specialised it’s different.

Software engineering: Another thing that lots and lots of people do, in a company it’s quite the “regular” job, you are given plans for part of an application and you code it. Very straightforward unless you are either working for yourself or become a higher up or designing the app.

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