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Why do liberals say that Norway is an example of Socialism working?

Question by Factaholic: Why do liberals say that Norway is an example of Socialism working?
Norway produces more per capita oil than Saudi Arabia, of course their economy is going to be good. This does NOT show socialism working. If socialism worked, France, Sweden, and Denmark weould be doing well tooo…

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Answer by Sig Sauer P-239
Liberals love blond-haired, blue-eyed countries with no blacks.

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Question by Pedro Nombre K: Question about living in Norway?
I am from Spain, I was wondering hows the living conditions of foreigners in Noway, especially in Oslo. Are they well integrated in the Nowegian society? Problems o tensions regarding race, religion, etc? Are they many Latin people (from Spain and latin America)? Is it easy to find a summe job and integrate well with locals?

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Answer by Elizabeth
Living conditions are good for foreigners in Norway, though I’m more familiar with Bergen than Oslo.

It’s fairly easy for other Europeans to integrate if they make a real effort, but it’s not as easy as it is outside Scandinavia. Norwegians tend to be a little shy/reserved, so it will be up to you to make friends. It’s easier if you are active by joining classes, sports, clubs etc since you see the same people regularly. There’s a huge pub/club culture on the weekends, usually with parties held at home before and after going out (because it’s very expensive!). People are surprised if a stranger approaches them outside an expected area (like on the street or in a shop) though. I know a guy from Portugal who thinks Norwegians are a bit cold and boring :) but I also know a couple of people from Spain that are really happy here.

There aren’t many problems with racism or religion, though I’ve heard relations are a little more strained in Oslo, which has a much bigger immigrant population than other cities. I’ve met a few Norwegians that have a real problem with immigration (mostly asylum seekers, I’ve never heard it directed at Europeans). Most people are open-minded though. Few Norwegians go to church, but no one really cares what religion you are. Latin people aren’t a big group here, but there are more among the student population.

As for jobs, it’s easy to get unskilled work if you speak/understand some Norwegian. My boyfriend found work right away speaking only very basic Norwegian. There are lots of immigrants in Oslo (as well as older people that don’t speak English), and sometimes the only common language between them is Norwegian.. so it’s much harder to get hired if you don’t speak it at all. The economy is better here than most of Europe, unemployment is around 3%. Bring any certification papers you have, and try to get written references from all your previous jobs telling how long you worked there and what you did. Norwegians like papers :) If you get a job somewhere like a restaurant, it’s really easy to make friends.

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