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Questions about studying abroad and exams…?

Question by R: Questions about studying abroad and exams…?
Hello! I’m from the US and I’m also a sophomore in high school. I’m 14. I wanted to study abroad in Norway, but I still have to learn Norwegian (of course) and I can’t apply for this year. I was wondering, what would happen if I went during my Junior year or Senior year? Junior year is where most of the important exams, the SATs and ACTs, take place. Senior year is when college applications are due. If I /did/ study abroad in Junior or Senior year, what test results would I send to college or how could I complete college apps?

Thanks in advance

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Answer by Akkurat
American HS does not count the same as a Norwegian HS. In order to gain general qualifications for getting into higher education in Norway you need the following:
– HS diploma
– AND EITHER one year (30 credits) of academic university education with a C or better
– OR 3 AP-exams with grade 3 or better
– OR 3 CLEP-exams with minumum 50 points

You must also fulfill the Norwegian language requirements (see link below).

It’s also possible to take the necessary courses extra courses in a Norwegian HS. You need Norwegian, social studies, history and possibly maths and science (depending on what courses and credits you have in those from the American HS). See link below for more info.

In general HS is free in Norway, but you must buy the books. There are some private institutions that offer HS courses, but those are mainly for students that have to improve their grades in order to qualify for the university education that they want to attend. Those charge quite a bit for each course. There is information on gaining admission to Norwegian HS in the links below.

If you take the last years in a Norwegian HS you would be able to skip the extra year of University. Look through the links below and ask again if you need more info.

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Question by SHaH: Country to live & work or study Master And work?
I’m 26 years old guy from Iran ,i finished my degree in Business Information System in Malaysia but there is no future here for freelancers and fresh graduate ,i’m planning to move to Europe or Us for living and work or studying master and work ,ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Answer by Alex G
Good for you. Well, it depends how much money you have. If you have plenty of money to pay for a US masters degree, then go to the US. Canada or Australia would be a good second choice.

If not, most other Western countries are cheaper for studies, and some are free (?), but I’m not sure which ones are still free for foreigners coming from outside the EU. I would check with the northern countries – not southern or eastern: especially Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, UK, Ireland, oh, and France. The problem is that in Europe, the economy is bad, there are few jobs, and there is increasing anti-immigrant sentiment. OK – the one place I hear it’s pretty easy to get work is Norway, but it will be manual labor, like working in the fishing industry. But it pays pretty well and the government there will give you free Norwegian language lessons. Norwegian is probably the easiest language to learn if you already know English. Once you learn Norwegian, other jobs will open up to you, or maybe you can just go there to study – I think some schools offer studies in English. Germany, Netherlands and Finland also have relatively strong economies. Most people in these countries speak pretty good English, so that should also help. Maybe it would be good for you to go somewhere there are lots of other Iranians… Los Angeles (US) and Cologne (Germany) are two that I know of, and I think also Sweden – maybe Malmo?, Norway, London, France – probably Paris…

Failing these, Malaysia is a pretty decent country – you could just continue your studies there? Or Singapore, Philippines, India… IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology – many campuses) are very highly respected – if you can get an advanced degree from one of these, I think you would be in a good position to be hired in the US or other countries (or India, which has a strong IT industry, and has a very low cost of living). Turkey may be another place to consider – supposedly Turkey has a pretty bright future, so a degree from a Turkish university may be useful.

Hope this is somewhat helpful – search the internet – there is a lot of info out there. Also, you can check with embassies of various countries – you can e-mail them your questions, etc. – and also schools in various countries – e-mail them directly and ask whatever questions you have. Good luck, man.

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