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how can i stop feeling the pressure and depression?

Question by ♥♥♥: how can i stop feeling the pressure and depression?
since i moved here in scandinavia-norway to be with my husband 1 and half years ago, i just have to live with the constant pressure his mother was putting on me, shes been going to our house and keep bugging me to get a job though hubby says he earns enough and its not needed but i still feel the pressure.. i would really love to work but problem is this stupid place has not much job opportunities for immigrants like me as in ZERO specially if you couldnt speak their stupid language fluently.. english-speakers are not very vital here so im studying their very difficult and stupid language right now but still to no avail. employment agencies wouldn’t call me..im very depressed because of this and seriously thinking of leaving this place and my husband and go back to where i came from. at least there i would feel useful, i know i can get a job and i dont have to deal with unnecessary pressure from my friggin mother in law. i hate that stupid b*tch so much.

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Answer by Joe F: Aesthetically Challenged
Have your husband intervene…sounds like the MIL needs to be put in her place. Best person to run interference would be her son.

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Question by ♥♥♥: Does your mother in law require and bug you to find a job?
I moved here in Norway to be with my husband. I had to learn their difficult language first before I can find any decent job so Im attending the language school for a year now for free. I feel like my mother in law thinks Im a burden to her son cuz just after a few months I arrived here,shes been bugging me to find a job everytime she sees me. We do not live with her in the same house and she is definitely not feeding me. I have been married almost 2 years now, no baby yet and my wonderful husband has never required me to find work cuz he said its my choice and he is earning enough. Its not like Im not doing anything cuz I have inquired in the employment agencies already and I havent received a call yet at all. So while going in school,Ive been working online for a year now, earn about 50 dollars a month, not much I know but its better than nothin. The funny thing is, she has not work very much too when shes younger and retired early. Is it her business if I choose to stay home or not?

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Answer by ladylady4470
Your husband needs to tell her he doesn’t not mind if you work or not and to let it go. Now if your husband has been saying things behind your back like he would like you to get a job and you wont then I can see where she would be saying things. Sounds like you got the language down just fine you could always take a part time job doing fast food or whatever. And no 50 dollars a month doesn’t cover anything in this day an age.

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