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Libs: Since Oil is the cause for War, why don’t you save lives and allow for more drilling and less fighting?

Question by American Woman: Libs: Since Oil is the cause for War, why don’t you save lives and allow for more drilling and less fighting?

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Answer by Warren Peace
they want us to drive electric cars.which 50% of our electric comes from coal.lol the iraqi oil feilds are now up for bids.the usa is banned from the process.something wrong with that war for oil theory.

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Question by Jennifer’sSister: will the bp spill do to offshore drilling what chernobel did to nuclear power?
Before 3 mile island and Chernobel there was this idea that an accident at a nuclear power plant could cause a meltdown, but the safety program is so good, such an accident would never happen at a nuclear reactor. People no longer believe the next nuclear catastrophe can be stopped by imperfect human beings, so nuclear power plants are something we must do away with.
Last year we thought the guys who do offshore drilling knew what they were doing. Now we know that the drilling happens in deep water and the mud beneath it. If things don’t go as planned, you can’t go down there and fix it. Perhaps they will invent a method to plug that hole, but unless they have a radical change in luck, oil on the gulf coast is something we have to get used to.

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Answer by focaris
Only in the USA. The average person & politician in the USA believes it is “luck” and somehow wants to maintain a luxurious lifestyle without obtaining any of the required fuels and materials. The rest of the world is happy to get the jobs, money and development.

All the offshore drilling rigs are still booked, they have just moved from American waters to other countries. Canada, UK, Norway, Saudi, Nigeria, Philippines, etc. As for plugging the hole, no new invention and no luck is needed. Relief wells are a field-proven solution and have been under construction since almost immediately after the blowout.

In the rest of the world has realized that Chernobyl’s accident was the result of an exceedingly poor design and that Three Mile Island was a success, the containment structure was never breached. They have proceeded ahead with new and better reactors. India is now building six reactors with Canadian technology (CANDU).

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