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Q&A: I’m thinking about moving to San Francisco from Norway. How is living there?

Question by : I’m thinking about moving to San Francisco from Norway. How is living there?
Is the town expensive? Is it hot all year? How are the beaches? Is there a lot to do? Job opportunities, apartment prices.. Just hoping to learn about people and life in general over there :)

And by the way; what is the best website for checking out places to rent?


Best answer:

Answer by Dustin
One of the coolest cities in the US. Ohh yeah and one of the most expensive. Lonely Planet is a good place to get info on different cities.

I’ve never lived there, but when I travel I notice people that don’t make a lot of money have to travel to the city everyday or they live in a little tiny apartment in a not so great neighborhood.

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Ian Greene @ BØ 2013
jobs opportunity norway

Image by Bernt Rostad
Ian Greene giving a talk at Bergen Ølfestival 2013, presenting himself to a Norwegian audience and telling us the story behind how he ended up as brewmaster at the newly started Voss Bryggeri.

To make a long story short, the future founders of Voss Bryggeri – Dag Eirik Jørgensen and Jeanette Lillås – was on a "scouting" trip to the US west coast to learn about craft beer and brewing. One day they came across Hop Venom, a double IPA from Boneyard Brewery in Bend, Oregon. They liked this beer so much that they rented a car and drove for several hours to Bend where they met the brewer, Ian Greene. Half-jokingly he was offered a job as headbrewer at their future brewery. Greene didn’t think more of this until he received an email with the same offer sometime later. After a brief pause to think, Greene accepted. As he said, Voss provides great nature and opportunities for hunting and fishing – two of his pastime favorite activities. In January 2013, Greene and his girlfriend moved to Norway and in March he brewed the first batch of beer at the brand new brewery.