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Can you give me some information plz?

Question by : Can you give me some information plz?
I am from Bangladesh. I have heared Norway is giving 6 months duration work visa for skilled job seekers.I am dilpoma in electronics engineer. I am doing job by 4 years in telecom sector in Bangladesh. Am i eligible to apply for the opportunity? Whats the procedure? Experts comments plz.

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Answer by Richyboy
Here is the page with the details (just follow the links):


You might have to contact the Norwegian embassy for help with applying. If there is no Norwegian embassy in Bangladesh, there is one in New Dehli.

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Question by Greenly: Where is a good rural area for a family of 4 to move to in Norway?
We, my husband, myself and our two school aged kids (under 10) are looking to relocate to Norway from the U.S. We would like to start a new life in a rural area that is not too far from city life. We are hoping not to drive as much as you have to here in the U.S. We also want to enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis…biking, fishing. Our goal is to continue bringing up our children in a safe and healthy environment while giving them a good education. We’ve been studying as much as we can about Norwegian life but are not sure about where to start looking for a neighborhood/place to live. I’m most interested in the Southern half of Norway, Once we narrow in on a place to reside, my husband and I can start looking for a job. Thanks for any advice!

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Answer by Cheesesof Nazerath
If you want to move to Norway the first thing you need to do is secure some form of employment. It’s not that easy as just deciding you’re going to move, just like it isn’t that easy for folks to move to the US.

If your husband or yourself don’t have a skill in demand in Norway then it’s going to be very difficult. If you don’t speak any Norwegian it’ll be even more so as this limits your choices. It took me over 2 years to obtain a job, and I lived in Norway for a year working on an international placement, spoke some Norwegian and had contacts here as well as having specialist engineering skills that are in demand but have few people with the skill set already here.

Away from the city centers the population density drops right away so much of the suburbs are rural. Public transport is good in the cities, but distances can be quite large so it does depend on your expectations of driving. Unless you’re in downtown Oslo or something it is possible to live somewhere quite rural and commute to the nearest town. Away from the big 4 (Oslo and surrounding area, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger) most places are not to big, and even these wouldn’t be much of a problem.

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