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What’s it like to Au pair in Norway? Does Norway have GMO’S…..(genetically engineered food)?

Question by tanna f: What’s it like to Au pair in Norway? Does Norway have GMO’S…..(genetically engineered food)?
What kind of food do Norwegians eat? Is there food taste similar to Americans? If it’s cold in Norway how good is there produce and what can they grow? What kind of food/ produce do they import?

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Answer by Richyboy
Food is mostly the same as in the States. Some traditional dishes of course replace the American traditional dishes (in rare instances you might be served a dish called “smalahove” because people like to see foreigners’ reaction. Just remember that it does not taste as horrifying as it looks), and the most popular frozen pizza tastes like cardboard (pretty good once you get used to it, actually).

There is less variety in the supermarkets than you might be used to, however, as many European and American products are either non-existent at the market, or outright banned (mostly GMO’s, and certain other products feared of being bad for your health).

It is not *that* cold in Norway. Two thirds of the population and most of the farmers live in the Southeast, sheltered from the cold winds and rain by the mountain ranges in Central and Northern Norway. The temperature and climate there is usually like in for example Minnesota. They can produce enough food for a couple millions more, but due to the high level of development most farmers have given up long ago and moved to town. The current production covers some 60-70%. The rest is imported. The weather in the fjords to the West is also ideal for apple and berry farming, producing extremely high-quality fruit every year.

I think it is mostly fruit and coffee they import. Some vegetables too.

Anyway, there are plenty of different markings to show if for example a product is produced in Norway or of especially high quality, but the only one I can remember right now is a white keyhole in a green circle. It means that the product can be part of a balanced diet without containing too little or too much of any ingredient.

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Question by tsandum: What are the steps to get a residence permit for Norway to go to school for nursing?
I am a 22 year old male interested in going to school in Norway. I am an American citizen and want to study nursing. From what I can gather full time is year round and that would take about 3 years. Also if after moving I graduate I plan on working as a nurse for at least a couple years, making it at the very least 5 years I want to live there. So I guess my questions are the following:

– How hard is it to get a residence card to go to nursing school?

– How does American nursing compare to Norwegian nursing, schooling and work?

– Does Norway have an equivalent to an American NAC

– Does full time schooling entail year round school or just so many credits per quarter as America does, giving you the summer off.

– how would transferring my nursing from Norway to America work?

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by RWgirl
The big hurdles to going to nursing school is you have to show you have the funds to support yourself. Right now about NOK 96 000 per year. You also have to document you have sufficient Norwegian. typically by passing the bergenstest. You’ll also need one year of uni in America.

Nursing in Norway isn’t the same as in the US. It’s unlikely you’d be able to get certified in the US with Norwegian nursing school. It’s not really a technical job here. It’s more about the care aspect. For example, nurses bathe patients here and only one school as far as I know even teaches students to draw blood.

No idea what NAC is. Sorry.

You’ll have the summer off.

You need to check with your state’s accreditation agency, but don’t expect it to transfer. It’s just too different. American nursing doesn’t transfer here either.

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