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Is it hard to immigrate to Norway?

Question by SR: Is it hard to immigrate to Norway?

And yes, I’m willing to speak Norwegian

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Question by Boy: I think about studying in Norway. Anyone help me?
I have heard that Norway is very isolated from the rest of Europe. Is it far away from the rest of Europe? I thought about studying in Norway for a year but I don’t know if I dare. I don’t know if I could stay a whole year in a very isolated place with only forest, snow, mountains and penguins. Do I have to be fluent in German to live in Norway? I don’t understand any German. Do anyone speak English in Norway? Are there supermarkets and possibilities to buy food in all places or do I have to know how to hunt? Are there cinemas, shopping possibilities and cafes in Norway? What about clubs? What is the weather like? Can there be plus degrees at all? What kind of clothes should I bring with me to Norway? Do they sell coke in Norway? I don’t think I can go a whole year without them. What is it like to be a foreign exchange student in Norway? Are Norwegians easy to come in touch with? Will I have to take a small German course before I travel to Norway?

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Answer by hairhorn

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