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Easy to get a history job/degree in Norway?

Question by No Chance Without Dionysus: Easy to get a history job/degree in Norway?
I want to live in Bergen, Norway but what historian jobs can I find there? I’m going to the country with around 300,000 krones and a decent knowledge of the language (and fluent in English). I want to get a bachelor’s (and eventually a master’s and PhD) in world history from the University of Bergen, I’m coming from America with no family or relationships in Norway (and not just for studies) can I keep myself afloat with about that money (with maybe a small job) and go to school? What permits or etc. do I have to get to get a job and study? Is college free for immigrants just moving there, as well?

Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Uncle


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John @ Schouskjelleren
find a job in norway

Image by Bernt Rostad
Brewermaster John Hudson, on his last night behind the bar at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri in Oslo, on 9 April 2013.

After two and a half years and more than 250 brews, John has now resigned from the brewpub he helped creating back in 2010. In May 2013 he will be found at the new Nydalen Bryggeri brewery in the north of Oslo where he will continue to ply his trade as a brewer. Thank you for the great time and many tasty beers at Schouskjelleren, John!

John Hudson will be replaced at Schouskjelleren by an Italian brewer, Luca Saccomandi, who comes straight from a brewer job at Italian craft brewery Le Baladin.

Question by San: i am pdms piping designer . Can i get job in norway?How?
I am Pdms Piping Designer. Having 8yrs experience in oil & gas field. I am interested to work in norway. Plz guide me.

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Answer by bluntobject69
Its more difficult to get into countries like Norway. I saw a splash advert on http://www.oilandgasrecruiting.com for Engineers of all types needed in Norway. The advert said you needed more than 15 years experience and a degree

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