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Hagley woman among hundreds hit with cruise ship stomach bug

On A Foggy Night

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It was upon a foggy night, an abandoned road
In a twilight mirror mirage
With no indication
Of any kind of service station

Or an all night garage, I was misinformed
I was misdirected ’cause the interchange
Never intersected leaving me marooned
Beneath a bloodshot moon

All upon a foggy night, foggy night
All upon a foggy night, it’s kind of an abandoned road
Blurred brocade collage
Is that a road motel? I can’t really tell

You got to tell me is that a vacancy lodge
There’s no consolation
What kind of situation
To be aimlessly skewed

Well, actually, there are two gas stations just outside frame and there was no moon and road is not very abandoned but foggy nights road side always make me recall above song by one of my favorite song writer and singer, Tom Waits.

Thanks aha42 | tehaha for sharing!
Hagley woman among hundreds hit with cruise ship stomach bug
Miss Jew, 58, a freelance journalist who works regularly for the Newsquest group, said: “We were just over a day into our cruise from Southampton and approaching Norway when passengers were informed there had been an outbreak of gastroenteritis, …
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The German Female Leader Quota – Should Canada Follow Suit?
To meet this percentage, companies may be forced to leave vacancies open on their boards, or find suitable females to fill them. Germany won't be the first country to pass such legislation – Norway did so back in 2003 with even more stringent terms …
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More action urged to curb drinking
But it has increased significantly in several northern European countries including Estonia, Norway and Poland, and emerging economies like India, China and Brazil. The OECD's first major report on harmful drinking and its impact on public health said …
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Hussey Seatways not sitting down as Warminster company given Odyssey
“We've done projects all over the world from providing retractable seating on an oil rig in the North Sea to jobs in Norway and we've got a big job south of South San Francisco, beating off huge American companies in the process. “We're expanding into …
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Fireworks are expected as Team Sure Grip get set to take on Europe
“We've flown fighters over from Norway, Poland, Cyprus and Lithuania so it's going to be great and it will make for some really explosive fights. “Our fighters have trained hard and they're ready for these fights but these guys who are coming over mean …
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Cruise ship delayed coming into UK due to electrics problems
A SOUTHAMPTON-based cruise ship will be delayed returning to the UK by 24 hours due to a “technical issue”. P&O Cruises have announced that the liner the Azura was unable to call into Stavanger in Norway as made its trips around the Scandinavian …
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Manitoba needs more midwives
There are midwives employed in several RHAs, including Winnipeg, southern (Steinbach/St-Pierre and Winkler/Morden areas), Brandon and northern (Thompson/The Pas/ Norway House). Often, the number of midwives is limited and … Though, for a time, there …
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Honours even after Old Farm derby
… Ipswich defender Luke Chambers did well to get in front of Howson as the midfielder looked to head Whittaker's cross goalwards, the ball bouncing back off the Norwich man and behind. Norway international Tettey was within inches of putting the …
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Auditions: Palissander Chamber Choir (Pretoria)
It has to date performed to great acclaim in Canada, Kenya, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The choir tours overseas … Currently, there are vacancies for a first tenor, a second tenor and a baritone. Previous …
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Lufthansa docs wanted treatment for co-pilot
Doctors at Lufthansa had recommended that pilot Andreas Lubitz, suspected of deliberately crashing a plane in the French Alps, be given psychological treatment after he suffered a bout of depression, a German newspaper has reported. Pilots' doctors …
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