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Do you know any norway traditions?

Question by Savannah Gonzalez: Do you know any norway traditions?
What are some old fashioned traditions that they practice in Norway?

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Answer by Mortalatheist
Log cabins, making cheese, turning people in to Vikings?

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Question by John Smith: What is there to do in Norway?
I am going to Norway for June and the first half of July. Im staying with my grandparents in Hisoy (southeast coast) but will e going all over Norway. What is there to do? Maybe attractions? Places to go and see? Events?

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Answer by Andrew H
There are tons of festivals around that time all over the country.

I suggest you check out Hovefestivalen in Arendal from 22-25th of June. (see my source).

The whole country basically shuts down in that period. We all take your holidays around that time, and we take it seriously :) People leave for other countries and their summer homes. So if you´re close to a local summer holiday destination you´ll have plenty of people to socialize with.

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