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Q&A: Language studies? Please help!?

Question by gnosis_2006: Language studies? Please help!?
Hello, fellow Yahoo Answerers! I’m in a strange situation here, so I’m looking for some help, if possible.

I’m a Romanian student living in Italy. I am also a very good English speaker and I have always been pretty gifted when it comes to foreign languages. I’m planning on moving to Norway next year (permanently) and, once there, I would’ve applied for university. My initial thought was to study Software Engineering or something linked to Computer Sciences, but in the mean time I’ve changed my mind: I’m more and more tempted to go for Language Studies. I should add that I hate literature and I’m not such a great fan of other humanities sciences, like politics, history, philology etc. either; so, to be more specific, I’d prefer Linguistic and Cultural Mediation or other translation-oriented studies.

Now comes the issue: I would like to study in English, because I don’t really know any kind of Norwegian yet. But studying translation to English in a non-English speaking country can be done only in that country’s language (or at least that’s what I think). Thus, if I go to Norway, I will only be able to learn English studies in Norwegian.

Isn’t it possible to maybe learn it all the way around, like Norwegian studies in English (without having to take the Language and Literature path)? If yes, can I please be provided with some links? My various Google searches didn’t give me any satisfying answers.

I would also love some advice on other possibilities, if anyone has any idea.

P.S.: In case you’re wondering “Why don’t you just stay in Italy or maybe move to some English speaking country if you want to study English?”, then the answer is simple: Norway, together with the other countries in the Scandinavian area, charge no fees for higher studies; the same thing can not be said about Italy, The UK, Ireland, Malta, The USA etc.

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Answer by RWgirl
If the course is taught in Norwegian, you have to pass the bergenstest or equivalent in order to study in Norway, so don’t worry about the language. There are year studies of Norwegian you can take or you can do it privately. If you want to enroll for next year, however, you are running dangerously short on time. The deadline for foreign students is the last day of February.

Here’s all the info you need on how to apply and this is where you apply (you do not apply to individual unis in Norway): http://www.samordnaopptak.no/info/english/

You should be able to find out what pre-requisites you must satisfy and all that fun stuff there. A quick fyi: if you need more than generell studiekompetanse, they are very picky about how you meet those requirements. Contact samornda opptak directly if you have any questions on that (they do have email and do understand english there).

Do keep in mind that while uni is essentially free, Norway is an incredibly expensive country to live in. Plan on spending NOK 8000/month on food and housing and such. I’m not saying this to discourage you. People can and do manage quite well. Just be prepared.

Another country you might want to look at is Poland. Afaik, they no longer offer free tuition to non-polish people, but it’s fairly reasonable. It’s somewhere around EUR 6000/ year. If you consider that it’s quite possible to live on EUR 500-600/month there, it might end up being the same cost to you overall. Just don’t go to private universities there. They are terrible. The unis in the major cities are really great and have many courses taught in English.

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study in norway

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Question by Alejandra Rubí: Should I study in Mexico or in the United States?
I don’t know if I should study my doctorate in management in Mexico or in the United States by an scholarship (I don’t have enough money), I’ve finished my master’s degree in my Country. I’ve heard that your universities are very good.
I don’t have children or wife. I’m 24 years old and I’ve never worked.
In April a call is going to be published to study the doctorate in my Country (UAM) or I could save money to study in a private school. But I don’t know if should wait that a call will be published to study abroad. I’ve thought about waiting until that call will be published and I could study more English while I wait, I’ve to wait 2 or 3 years because the process is long, but I don’t know if is better to study there or here in my Country. I only study because it likes me and because I’d like to become investigator or teacher, but I don’t know what is the best, because sometimes there have been teachers in my school who studied abroad and there isn’t much difference between them and teachers who studied in my Country. Anyway, when you finish studying (if you go there with a scholarship) you have to come back to your Country. I’m not interested in knowing another culture or perfect my English, I want to earn more money because here in Mexico the situation is very difficult and I don’t know if it is possible that I work in your Country. Some people have told me about first working and after that I should study, but it is very difficult to work and then study because a lot of things could happen, is better to finish one thing and then other and if I study I can’t work and study at the same time because it is forbidden because of the scholarship. Thanks.
I live in Mexico

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Answer by mw451
Are You Kidding?

Go live in Mexico, and see how long you Live.

Even Tourists, who spend money there, don’t escape the Cartels.

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