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Wanting to live in Norway ?

Question by : Wanting to live in Norway ?
Okay so now i am 19 and im on my way to college , im going to college for electrical engineering and after i graduate i would like to move and live in Norway.

Now i have read and heard countless discussions about people moving to Norway and can’t get any work , my question is , would someone with a degree in electrical engineering and can speak Norwegian , be able to get a job , or is it next to impossible ?

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Answer by Toki Wartoot
Unfortunately, it is very hard to get a job in Norway. But, you may have some luck if you stay out of the bigger cities, like Oslo or Bergen. Norway is a beautiful country and I hope you have fun there!

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Question by Hass: I am confused.Norway or UK?need help?
i am an accountant by profession.Recently my company
has given me a choice to move to Norway or UK.i am confused
as both are great countries but i want to opt for a country where
i have better scope of my career.

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Answer by Rupa

Norway is cold, UK is wet. I’d stay put…! :)

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