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Travel or Look For a Job?

Question by darkman: Travel or Look For a Job?
[Please give me a realistic answer, whatever it might be, not just a “romantic” one]

I’m a psychologist from Portugal currently doing an internship in Norway till July.

It is quite difficult to find a job in PT as a psyc, so as soon as I get there I should start looking for it.

But every day I’ve been having the idea and feeling the urge to just get the money I’ll earn here (8000$ , don’t pay food or housing) and travel in Asia for a few months! I have a girlfriend, and she can’t come.

But at the same time, I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t go and stay 3 month at home! The same way It won’t be easy if I go and found out I missed a good opportunity. Sorry for the big description. What do YOU think???

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Answer by mami
stay if you really love your girl friend but if you like that much break up with her and go to asia!!

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Question by HIRO: architecture jobs outside of the U.S, are they in demand?
I’m a student studying architecture, and i have some really big concerns after i graduate(in 4 years)
– Finding a job in this terrible economy
– Paying back a huge loan
– and making a living on my own

I noticed through different articles that countries like norway, panama, and india have a much higher demand for architects. I always thought that i’d be working in NYC after i graduate but aparently unemployment for architects in the U.S is around 15%!!!!!

Is this true? Should i be considering to leave the country to find a job after i graduate? Is it easier to find a job outside the U.S? Do foreign firms want workers from the U.S?

I don’t mind leaving the country to find a job, it almost sounds like a cool experience but i need more information, please help out, THNX!!
I have a 2 years associates degree in architecture technology and getting my professional B-ARCH in a accredited institution.

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Answer by miraie
Yes, of course Architects are in demand, especially in developing countries with high economic growth like India, China, and ASEAN countries like Thailand, Indonesia, etc. They are improving their infrastructures. And their economies are doing quite well now so it still looks promising to get a job there.

All I know is that engineering including architecture graduates have lots of opportunity to work overseas. But to answer whether or not you should consider leaving your country–it’s all up to you. But if I were you, I would totally love to gain much more experience by working overseas. It’s a big opportunity and we only live the life for once, you know.

Look, my brother once had a client. it’s an engineering company from Australia and has a base in Jakarta. Their employees in Jakarta are mostly expats from Aussie. And their rates are actually higher than Indonesian citizens who have the same job. There’s a tendency that overseas graduates are more welcome to getting a job in developing country, because that would mean they have more experience and knowledge from their origin country–although that’s not always true. You can probably do a research on what company you want to work with, preferably which has a base in many countries.

But before that, you graduate in 4 years! 4 years is still a long time. The situations in the US might change over times.

Well, that’s all I can answer. I am still studying in college now so my knowledge about job situation in real world is still not enough. However feel free to ask me if you have any questions

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