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Q&A: What are the steps for an immigrant to obtain citizenship in Norway after marriage?

Question by victorinox2520: What are the steps for an immigrant to obtain citizenship in Norway after marriage?
I’m American and would like to move to Norway, but its all really confusing on how to go about doing it. Could someone sum it up for me?
if I could get the steps 1 by 1 it would be great with out having to hassle searching through given links?

Best answer:

Answer by Misis ni KC
You must, as a rule, meet the following conditions in order to acquire Norwegian citizenship:
• Have documented or clarified your identity
• Be at least 12 years old (or have parental consent if you are under the age of 18)
• Live in Norway and intend to continue living here
• Meet the conditions for a settlement permit. This does not apply to applicants with permits pursuant to the EEA/ EFTA regulations
• Have spent a total of seven years in Norway during the last ten years
• Have shown good conduct
• Be released from your original nationality.

Other requirements for period of residence

Other requirements for period of residence apply to, among others, former Norwegian citizens, applicants who are married to, are a registered partner or cohabitant of a Norwegian or Nordic citizen, are children under 18 years of age or persons who are stateless.
If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, more than seven years’ residence in Norway may be required.


How do I apply for Norwegian citizenship?

In order to apply for Norwegian citizenship, you must complete form GP-7053 B (Application form for Norwegian citizenship). In Norway, the application must be submitted to the police in the place you live. In cities, there is often a separate office you must go to. Contact the police for more information. Abroad, deliver the form to the Norwegian embassy or foreign service mission. The police and foreign service missions can provide guidance about completing the forms.
At the latest at the same time as you deliver your application, you must pay a fee. The fee is NOK 2,500.

What documents do I have to enclose?

Certain other documents must be enclosed in addition to the application form. The application form states which documents must be enclosed with the application. Among other documents, the following shall be enclosed:
*Birth certificate if you were born abroad (for children who apply, the birth certificate must show the names of the parents)
*Marriage certificate/ confirmation of cohabitation/ partnership certificate (only applies if you are married, are a cohabitant or a registered partner)
*List of entries to and departures from Norway
*A tax certificate
*A police certificate of good conduct if you are more than 15 years old (will be enclosed by the police)
*A copy of all the pages in old and new travel documents (passport or other types of travel documents) for the last ten years
*Everyone who applies for Norwegian citizenship after 1 September 2008 must be able to document that they have completed 300 hours of Norwegian language tuition or be able to document adequate knowledge of Norwegian or Sami. This applies to everyone regardless of when they were granted residence permits. For further information, see www.imdi.no.
As a main rule, it is sufficient that copies of the documents are sent with the application. However, you have to produce the original documents when you hand in your application.
All documents attached to the application have to be translated into English or Norwegian.


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