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Q&A: how much is the charge of living(uni study) in lillehammer(norway) in month?

Question by masood: how much is the charge of living(uni study) in lillehammer(norway) in month?
i want to study there

Best answer:

Answer by Cheesesof Nazerath
Would depend on your lifestyle, but somewhere around 10,000nok a month

You will need proof of subsistance anyway as set by the UDI

Documentation of subsistence
(loan from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund or deposits in a Norwegian bank).
Subsistence is ensured at NOK 81.400,- for the school year 2007/2008. If you plan to attend an institution/programme/course that has tuition fees, you must also document that you are able to finance this extra cost.
As a general rule, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration requires the money to be deposited in a Norwegian bank account, and this account must be in the applicant’s name. If the educational institution has set up an account for the students, the student may transfer his/her funds to this account. Documentation in this case should include a statement from the institution confirming that the correct amount is deposited to the account in question, or a bank statement showing a balance for the correct amount.The applicant may apply for part-time work in Norway and submit this as part of the grounds for subsistence. However, the total amount for subsistence will then be higher.As a general rule, financial guarantees from a third person is not accepted, whether this person is a resident in Norway or another country. In special cases financial guarantees from an applicant’s parents may be accepted if they are Norwegian residents.

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THAI’s “Miles for Merit” benefits the Norwegians in Oslo 2009
study in norway

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Question by Daisy: What should I study in college?
I want to live in Norway when I get older, but I don’t know what I should study so that I can work there and be able to support myself.

ps. I plan to learn Norwegian :)

Best answer:

Answer by Attic Gnome
Study something that can not only earn you money but something you’re interested in.
Also, do some research into what professions are in demand in norway at the moment?

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