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Another name for Norway?

Question by Charlotte: Another name for Norway?
I am writing a story about vikings in some sort of other world. The thing is that they live in what is Norway today, and I want this place to be called something familliar. Does anyone have any suggestions for a little tough/rough name for this place? (These are really tough guys living there, so I need a name fitting for them)
Thank you so much!!!!

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Answer by peter

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Question by Pablo Wilson: Name the most scenic/beautiful places to live in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Switzerland?
Just out of curiosity/so I can fantasize living there. What are the names of the most beautiful locations you’ve been to or seen from these 4 places? Any will do.

Preferably looking for a place that actually has a town/village to live in, but a good example of what I’m talking about is Ulvik on Norway’s west coast


The more scenic and majestic, the better. Links to pictures preferred!

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Answer by Lillen
Flåm or Gudvangen in Norway: http://www.flaam-cruise.com/ and Hammerfest: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/bf576/35905/

hehe I included Bornholm in Denmark because it is not as known: http://www.climb.dk/blog/2008/10/climbing-on-bornholm-denmark.html

Sweden: anywhere around Riksgränsen

Of all I like Norway best (although I’m from Bornholm myself Norway is just so fantastic)

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