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Can one be an astronaut for NASA without being a US citizen?

Question by Markus: Can one be an astronaut for NASA without being a US citizen?
I was wondering if you needed to be a US citizen to go to space. I’m 16 years old, and the dream since I was 10 was to go to space and see the earth from above. I really like science, and planetary exploration. I’m currently living in Norway, so if there is no hope for me geting out to space. I would like to know. Ofcourse i could build my own rocket, but thats a bit to much for me. Could somone link me to the “laws” around nasa’s employment?

Ps: Iv’e searched around on NASA’s page, so please don’t tell me to just go there, wouldn’t help that much.. ;)

Best answer:

Answer by cosmo
Some of the NASA astronauts are immigrants to the U.S.A., born as foreign nationals and naturalized to U.S. citizens.

In principle NASA could hire foreign nationals, but in practice there is a preference given to U.S. citizens (and even more to military veterans) by the laws governing government hiring. Given the EXTREMELY competitive nature of astronaut picks, it’s essentially impossible for a foreign national to get the job.

Why don’t you become a European Space Agency astronaut?

Acetek: NASA works with and trains astronauts from foreign countries who are employed as astronauts by those countries. The are not “astronauts for NASA” they are astronauts for their own countries who work with NASA.

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