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Are you a Nord if you’re from Norway?

Question by : Are you a Nord if you’re from Norway?
A couple weeks after the game Skyrim came out my best friend and I were playing it together one weekend. I forgot what brought it up, but I was telling him about some of the things in the game that were taken from Norse mythology. I told him that Nords were a race of people in real life, and he immediately contradicted me. “There were Norse people, but not Nords.” I told him to make sense of that for me but he couldn’t. I’m almost definite that nords were real, but I’m not sure. I need someone to get this straight for me please. If you’re american, you’re american. What are you if you’re Norse?
I do understand that Nords are part of Skyrim lore, but the word Norse really bugs me. Like, where the hell did that word come from? Could I call people in Norse mythology Norse, or is there another word for it? gah!

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Answer by Daniel Ray
no if you’re from norway then you are norwegian. Nords are just part of skyrim lore.

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Life is beautiful streetart
life in norway

Image by fotografeleen
From a wall in Oslo

Question by Everblue: what is it like to live in Norway?
I am 16 years old and I am from California. I am considering a high school year in Norway because I am really interested in Scandinavia and the vikings. I wonder about a few things about living in Norway.

Do Norwegian people accept Black people? (I am Black but I am more interested in Scandinavian culture than ancient African culture. Strange enough.)

Do Norwegian people accept my christianity? (since most of them are pagans believing in Old Norse religions. I am really interested in Norse religion but I am still a christian).

What do people eat in Norway? Is it true that they only have local food? Is pizza known in Norway? what about fast food? sushi?

Do Norwegians eat fish everyday?

What are Norwegian families like? Is the father the head of the house? Do most families have their own ship and their own cows?

Can I drive in Norway when I am 16?

Do Norwegians dress only in wool and linen? Like the vikings did……

Is Norwegian a dialect of German? Can Norwegians and Germans understand each other?

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Answer by BHope
filling up with Muslim immigrants from Asia and Africa

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