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Norway’s decision on nuclear weapons?

Question by hmscheeeer14: Norway’s decision on nuclear weapons?
Does anyone know what Norway is trying and wanting to do to fix the nuclear weapon problem in North Korea?

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Answer by Michelle M
Norway is a country full of left wing liberal socialists. I’m sure they think having a good talk with North Korea will fix the problem. Libs always think that way. Kind of like a “time out” chair for a misbehaving kid instead of a good swift spanking.

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Question by Malkiin: Question about Norway attacks?
Can somebody please explain to me who was behind the bombings, who was behind the shooting, were the two events related, and did al qeada have anything to do with any of it. This is not a school question or anything I just would like to better understand the situation.

DM, “Mr.Bush & his gang” are not the reason why I asked why al qeada had anything to do with this. I just thought it might have been a possibility when I didn’t know any details. Not offended or anything but “my generation” isn’t as stupid as you think.

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Answer by PAULH
It looks like it was done by a right wing christian extremest. Turn on the news.

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