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How difficult is it to obtain a European citizenship?

Question by Emma Vader: How difficult is it to obtain a European citizenship?
I’m Canadian,
but I would like to live in Europe one day…
How difficult would it be to obtain a citizenship? I know I would have to live there for a period of time and everything like that..

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Answer by rnc312
It is extremely difficult to obtain citizenship in the majority of European countries without ancestry, social ties, or an employment offer in the country in question.

First you must successfully apply for a work permit in a European country and then live a set number of years in order to become a naturalised citizen. The problem is work permits are not usually granted to foreigners unless they have specialised education and training in field where a shortage of workers exists. Since most of Europe is open there already are numerous well-qualified European workers to choose from.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to a European citizenship is by descent. If you have a parent or, in some cases, a grandparent who was born in a European country you may be able to acquire or apply for citizenship in that country. For example, foreign-born persons with an Irish grandparent can apply to obtain Irish citizenship.

Some European countries offer work visas or residence permits based on familial or ancestral connections. If one of your grandparents was born in the UK you can qualify for an ancestral visa, which allows you to live and work in the UK for five years. After five years you gain UK permanent residence and, one year after, would be eligible for British citizenship.

If you do not have family ties to Europe, you could obtain a student visa to temporarily live in a European country to attend university. As a student you may be allowed to take up part-time employment. However, you are required to leave the country after the visa expires and the amount of time you lived there won’t give you any further rights to residence or citizenship.

Alternatively, you can enter certain European countries under a Working Holiday Visa or Youth Mobility Scheme if you are aged 18 to 35. Typically this would allow you to work and travel in a European country for 12 months. Again, you would have to leave the country in question after 12 months, but you would have gained a valuable year-long work experience in Europe or the UK.

Canada has reciprocal work and travel agreements with many European countries. As a Canadian you may be eligible to work in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland for 12 months. Please go to the website address I provided below, then click on the European countries you are interested in.

Participating Countries and Territories – Canadians going Abroad


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Question by Jamie B: how much money do you think i would need to move to somewhere like tenerife or cyprus to find bar work?
i wanna move to somewhere sunny and full of clubs with tourists, ive been to norway (and its a little slow for me here, not alot to do) and now ive decided to go to somewhere like malaga, ibiza or cyprus, how much do you think rent would be and the best time to go please?


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Answer by robertofarbroath
Hi best time to go to Cyprus is may to September. Must speak English. Best main areas Larnaca, Limossol, Pathos and Ayianapa. Not much work tourists in capital Nicosia. If you are an Aussie come back to me and I can give you some contacts. Accommodation (shared) often supplied as part of employment.
Cheers Rob

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