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Q&A: Where can I find jobs abroad online with free flights and accommodation?

Question by Elle: Where can I find jobs abroad online with free flights and accommodation?
I have been looking for this for so long and have finally found one site but think there must be more out there. I haven’t got enough money saved for flights to apply to companies abroad so really wanted to find some with flights and accommodation included so I could go abroad now and start work. I wondered what the best jobs to apply for would be with the best chance of earning, maybe with tips or commission? I am not really looking at teaching english or cruise ships but have experience in sales and hotels so anything sales related, in hospitality or front of house would be perfect. Have looked at cocktail waitressing and hostessing jobs abroad and they seem to be quite good pay as you can earn tips as well. Would be really grateful if anyone knew sites with links to jobs with flights and accommodation to get me started…thank you! x

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Answer by Rick Hamell
Airline stewardess?

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Question by barungharbia: We want to immigrate to Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Belgium, can any real samaritan help us?
I am a Civil Engineer & my wife is a Computer Professional both we are friom India.

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Answer by Maria
With those educations, you should have a very good chance of getting a work permit in either of those countries. There is a shortage of both engineers and computer professionals in both Denmark and Norway at the moment.
Denmark is adopting a point system now for foreign workers, so that if you have certain kinds of qualifications, education, job experience, prior income, age etc….all can give you points towards being allowed a “green card”. There has been talk in Norway about doing the same, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t yet.
I think probably the best way to go would be to contact either your own embassy in Scandinavia or contact each country’s embassy in your country, they should definitely be able to help you with some of these questions.
But perhaps you can start by looking at these websites:




Here’s an example of the kinds of jobs available at the moment in Denmark:


But try searching for companies from the respective countries on the internet. I could give you some links to job databases, but the problem with them is, that they’re almost solely in each country’s own language.
For Norway, I know that they have a quota of 5000 foreigners per year who may be given a work visa, if they have at least 3 years job-oriented education high school level or higher. It doesn’t have to be in a specific line of work, but you need to have a job offer from Norway. The quota has never been filled yet, so if you can get a job offer, you should have a good chance. And getting a job offer might not be so very difficult right now, as there’s a general shortage of labor.
Here’s a link about the type of visa:


And here’s a link for relevant information about getting a job permit in Sweden:


Good luck.

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