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Norway pays Brazil $1bn for slowing Amazon loss

Norway pays Brazil bn for slowing Amazon loss
Norwegian environment minister Tine Sundtoft announced on Monday that her government would make the $ 100m payment before the global climate summit in December, as Brazil has more than achieved its commitment to cut the rate of deforestation by 75 …
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Norway launches 'anti-refugee' Facebook page
The Facebook page follows the launch of the country's negative advertising campaign over Twitter the previous Friday. That was done with a warning message sent out by by Norway's Directorate of Immigration (UDI) informing Afghan citizens crossing the …
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Hiker finds 1200-yr-old Viking sword in Norway
The cold dry weather in the mountainous region of southern Norway probably helped to keep the object in good condition. There, "temperatures remain below zero for six months of the year," Aksdal said. While climate change has many negative implications …
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Swedish coach catches fire in Norwegian tunnel
More than 30 tourists had to be rescued from an 11 kilometre long tunnel on Tuesday afternoon after a Swedish coach taking foreign passengers on a multi-location trip around Norway caught fire. The tour bus caught fire inside the Gudvanga tunnel, north …
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An insider's cultural guide to Bergen: Norway's musical nerve centre
For me the sound of Bergen is rain and footsteps on cobblestones. This is a recording of little Sonja, who's one and a half years old, running through the drizzling rain across the cobblestone on the way to her friend's birthday party.
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Norway worst in Nordics for gender attitudes
Norway has been ranked the least progressive Nordic country in a new world ranking of attitudes towards gender equality. … And only 57 percent of Norwegian men strongly agreed that women should receive equal pay, compared to 83 percent of men.
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Norway man arrested for sexually abusing cows
The man, who is in his 50s, is not a farmer and does not himself own any farm animals, but police suspect that he has sexually abused large livestock, such as cows and horses, across the Bergen region for many years. "He is suspected of sexual …
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Crack the Whip or Cut Tax: How Do You Fix a North Sea Oil Slump?
In Norway, more than 25,000 energy industry job cuts have been announced as Finance Ministry figures show spending set to fall 11 percent this year. More than 60,000 U.K. jobs supported by the sector have been lost since the start of 2014, Oil & Gas U …
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