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work permit in usa for acting?

Question by : work permit in usa for acting?
hi, I’m from Norway and i’m 17 years old. I wanna become an actor in California. so I thought I wanna to study in california.

But there’s a problem: I heard that you need to get work permit to work as an actor, and it’s illegal to work as an actor with student visum.
And the only way i can get work permit is if an agent gets it for me?

soooo my question is, how am I supposed to get an acting job/career at this condition??

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Answer by David
You don’t ..you await your call ….

Some get it .some do not ..

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Question by : Norwegian Military Recruitment.?
I have recently found out that the Norwegian Army accept Icelandic citizens into there army without the need for them to relinquish there citizenship.

What i want to know is what are all the things i need to be able to join, where, how etc.
Basically everything.

I was born to protect and serve so if you can help me with my destiny i will be forever in your depth.

P.S. My nation has no military but since Norway does and as i see them as the big brother i wish to join there army but without the need to loose my Icelandic citizenship.

No other job suits me. I was born for this, not the killings but to protect and serve my people.

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Answer by Claystead
Eh… you are a little late, aren’t you? Norway pulled out of Afghanistan last year, and E 14 (a black ops group) was disbanded a few years ago… You will spend less time protecting and serving and more time running around a field. But I guess if you join HJK/FSK (the Norwegian Marines and Paratroops) you get dibs one foreign operations in the next war. Alternatively, the Norwegian Air Force participates in the defence of Iceland, so there you could at least be somewhat more direct in your defence of your people.

You know, while you decide, let me look into this.

Hmm… Let me see… It appears the Norwegian Army has removed its site providing information for citizens of other Nordic countries who wish to join their army after being bashed by the Icelandic government for recruiting “cannon fodder” in Iceland and the same government threatening to arrest an Icelandic veteran who had spoken in a school about this career option. However, I think you can still go there. Let me keep digging.

Huh. Listen to this:

NRK spoke with soldier Hilmar Haraldsson, 29, who cites his thirst for adventure as his main reason for joining, the desire to experience things Icelanders normally don’t. “Are you willing to die for Norway?”, the reporter asks. “Yes”, says Hilmar, plain and simple. That he is willing to kill—’for Norway’— goes without saying. Another soldier, Bjarki Kristinsson, 21, says he would not mind going to war for Norway, explaining: “Icelanders and Norwegians are not that different. We have a lot of history in common, for example the saga literature”.

AHA! Finally!

Here is the place you apply:


It is only in Norwegian, sorry about that, but you should still be able to apply. You might want to contact them about your options first:


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