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Why do 75% of europe’s PhDs move to the US and almost all never go back to europe?

Question by Hank: Why do 75% of europe’s PhDs move to the US and almost all never go back to europe?

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Answer by Elizabeth
You read the statistics wrong. It says that 75% of PhDs that move to the US stay, but not that 75% of Europe’s PhDs go to the US. The figures quoted are 4% of PhDs in Science and Technology fields go to the US for work, and less than 1% of all Europeans with a PhD. These figures are fairly normal, and I’d guess were similar for the percentage of Americans with PhDs that go to Europe.

One reason is that there are less opportunities for research positions in many European countries. Although some jobs are in English (more than most fields), many will want proficiency in the local language, especially where there are fewer English-speakers. Many Europeans speak English, but their other languages can vary. If you’re German and don’t speak French for example, it won’t be easy to go to work in France.

Prestigious US universities often have more funding than most European universities (due to private tuition, agreements with businesses for grants, etc), allowing a greater variety of research projects. If a scientist’s interests are very narrow, it may be difficult to find a suitable available position in Europe. The US is a huge country with a large population, so of course it has more choices in this aspect.

In Norway where I live, positions often have to be created for new scientists, and there’s not a lot of job turnover because people stay in those positions for decades. The economy is good here, but Norway has a very small population and jobs can’t be created for every new graduate. Thus, some people find jobs in other countries that may have more interesting projects in their field.

I’m sure some of it is money, although at lower levels the salaries and benefits in many European countries are often better than in the US. High positions in powerful research companies in the US pay a lot though (think pharmaceuticals, defense or energy).

Moving countries is a lot of work and adjustment, and moving continents is even more. I know I wouldn’t want to make the move back to the US, especially if I had a family/kids here. People move over when they’re young, get established in a career, have a family and it’s just easier to stay.

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Question by saeedfa: where should i apply for PHD Canada or USA or Norway ?
in Norway I will have an excellent found .
in Canada I will have an excellent opportunity for residency
US is the greatest country for living ….

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Answer by kato
first you have to think where is the good education
and then the fisible place for living and all sources are easily available then you have to decide yourself which is best for you.
because you and you did this so think and take the best decision for yourself

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