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Beautiful places to visit/stay in Norway?

Question by Shanaynay: Beautiful places to visit/stay in Norway?
I’m planning on going there for vacation and i don’t know ANYTHING about Norway. I just saw pictures of it on the internet and looked up a few cities that i thought were beautiful. Give me some advice on what cities to stay in? I also love hiking and beautiful scenery so give me suggestions. Thank you <3 Best answer:

Answer by Charlie
You’re right. Norway is absolutely beautiful. It’s not just clever or strategic photography – Norway really does look that picturesque.

Most of the towns and cities on the west coast are perfect destinations to experience a lot of what Norway has to offer. Alesund and Trondheim are fantastic but they’re very isolated and somewhat impractical to get to if you’re just looking for a straightforward holiday.

I would suggest Bergen and Stavanger. They’re both nice. Clean, friendly, cultured, vibrant and unique. Bergen in particular as it is practically the gateway to Fjordland. The Norwegian fjords area is possibly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If hiking and scenery is your thing, then you’ll be in heaven.

Just make sure you go at the right time of year. Winter is extreme over there. Pick some of the milder months to travel.

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Question by musiclover27: Good souvenir from Norway?
My dad went to Norway for a few weeks and he can’t figure out what to bring me back for a souvenir, he said there isn’t much there, so does anyone know of any cool things to bring back? I’m not sure what to tell him to get since idk what they have. I don’t really want clothing because I don’t need any more, I told him he could get me something cultural but he can’t find much of anything. Any suggestions? I’m a 20 year old girl with a passion for music if that helps.

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Answer by Marianne
If you want a souvenir from Norway, you probably have to go to special places, it depends on where your father is, wether the souvenir is a boat, viking-stuff or clothing. You’ll always find a place in norway where there is something unique to bring back. Even a rock or a shell would do.

Get your dad to a viking museum and make him buy you a souvenir from a souvenir shop. that’ll probably do! ^^

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