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Q&A: Where can I post a free ad for Norway?

Question by vanda v: Where can I post a free ad for Norway?
I have a budget of 0 for advertising the dental clinic where I work but I have the energy to post free ads. I am interested in such sites and papers with free advertising opportunities in Norway, Finland, Ireland, the UK and other European countries. Can you help me?

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Answer by A FIENDISH THINGY!!!!!
(sigh) – you get what you pay for – there is NO FREE LUNCH ON THE INTERNET

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Question by No Chance Without Thor: How come you can find successful Democratic Socialist countries, but not one successful libertarian country?
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Germany are all successful democratic socialist countries that have a good mix of regulated capitalism and socialism.

Why are there no successful libertarian or even conservative countries?
@The taxpayer: Are you aware that those countries are in fact doing good and that they have FREE college? No you aren’t. They get much more for the public welfare than we do.

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Answer by Shovel Ready
The US has more pages of regulations than all of those countries put together, dude.

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