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When people say the York princesses could get jobs?

Question by Anthony: When people say the York princesses could get jobs?
Charles has said he intends to slimline the monarchy so Beatrice & Eugenie will probably not become “working royals” like William and Harry. So, if they should get jobs, sort of jobs do they mean? Could they realistically have regular careers and, say, work in an office? Zara has paved a career for herself but doesn’t have the Royal Highness status and the implications that go with that. They’re royal and always will be and could imagine that being a hassle in the regular working world. Issues such as security, exploitation and so on.

Beatrice has stated she’d be an interested in a career in fashion. If she did start a fashion line or something of the such, she would no doubt be accused of using her status for the publicity, so wouldn’t be able to win either way. Naturally they wouldn’t struggle to get jobs though, which company wouldn’t want an HRH on their payroll?

If they decided to dedicate their lives to charitable causes (sort of like being a full-time working royal) they’d get criticism for being lazy leeches, like they do already. Can they win? As a university student myself/a similar age to them, I’m just glad I don’t have the pressure of doing well and my results being splashed around the press and then articles calling me a lazy sponger who needs to find a job (which is incredibly difficult in this economic climate as it is).
(I meant should rather than could in the question title.)
Yes, I think Edward and Sophie were wise to avoid their children being styled as royals. Future life will be easier for them in this instance.

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Answer by Lili
Certainly they could get regular jobs and work in a professional environment. These two young women are not of huge interest to the press, so they wouldn’t likely be followed around every day by the paparazzi, which would be a hassle both for them and their co-workers.

Yes, they would probably be accused of using connections to get jobs, but plenty of people do it. When ordinary people do it, we call it “networking,” and it’s highly recommended by experts on landing jobs. After a while, if they stuck with their professions, people would stop caring about how they got their jobs.

They can’t really devote themselves to charitable work because their uncle isn’t inclined to shell out on reimbursing Parliamentary annuities for them. They each have some money of their own, through inheritance, but it’s not enough to provide them with generous interest income. (And it seems they’ve spent a fair amount of it on supporting their unfortunate mother.) They need to earn some sort of living.

As far as security is concerned, the idea is that they will not be given royal protection officers unless they are doing something official on behalf of the monarchy. They will simply have to get used to living like normal human beings.

In future, by the way, if Charles has his way, people in Beatrice and Eugenie’s position — children of a younger son of the monarch — won’t have royal titles, so your concerns won’t arise. It was suggested some years ago that their titles should be taken away and replaced with “Lady,” but Prince Andrew objected. You’ll note that Prince Edward’s children are not called Prince and Princess.

Princess Martha Louise of Norway has managed to create a career that combines charity work with other, money-making activities. She also has a professional skill, though she doesn’t practice it. Perhaps Beatrice and Eugenie might consider returning to school to acquire such a skill. Some members of the Dutch royal family work in what would be described as “ordinary” jobs.

Edit: Although their children’s non-use of royal titles is usually presented as their own decision, so that the children could live more normal lives, I suspect the Wessexes were actually pressured to use the titles of an earl’s children for them. This was very much in keeping with the plans for a downsized monarchy, which has actually been on the drawing board since the mid-90’s or so. It’s not a new concept that Charles has come up with only recently. The idea of taking away Beatice and Eugenie’s royal titles was first mooted way back then.

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Sweden 1
network career norway

Image by mariejirousek
The Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2011
Sweden presents: Fia Backström & Andreas Eriksson

The partnership between the three nations sharing the Nordic Pavilion in Venice – Sweden, Finland and Norway – will try a new concept for the next three biennials. The previous requirement that all three countries should be represented by artists will be set aside to enable solo exhibitions. Sweden, which is responsible for the Nordic Pavilion in 2011, is presenting two separate projects.

Fia Backström (b 1970) has enjoyed increasing international acclaim in recent years. For more than a decade, she has been living and working in between Stockholm and New York, participating in numerous exhibitions and projects, including the Whitney Biennial in 2008 and MoMa 2010. In this year’s edition of the Moderna Exhibition, she was featured with the work The Worker Through the Ages, presented as an environment in which an event took place, which was documented and re-inserted into the environment.

Fia Backström produces events, environments and projects, which challenge our habitual notions of what constitutes an exhibition – its institutional context, the dialogue with the audience, and even the works of art that are presented. Occasionally she incorporates works by other artists into her work. She works with structures around politics, authorship and the capacity of images to generate meaning. Her methods and media are chosen according to the situation and theme.
Bäckström’s work, "Borderless Bastards," is constructed from a series of conversations between the artist and a network of international cultural producers. The topics translate into public sculptures reproduced as metal cut-outs and illustrated with an audio tour played on PICKUP guides, handed out visitors to the pavilion. As visitors approach one of the statues, they activate a soundtrack. The PICKUP audio tour consists of a multi-voice narrative, creating a connection between the sculptures, the network of artists, images and the geographical space of the famous Venice Biennale. The soundtrack in the audio tour is an important component in Bäckström’s work, and an essential – and enjoyable – part of the experience for visitors to the pavilion.

Andreas Eriksson (b 1975) employs a variety of techniques and media, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation art and, more recently, film. He works conceptually, but with a finely-tuned visual sensibility. In 2007, he was awarded the Art Balois Prize at the Art Basel Statement. He had a major solo exhibition at the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig in Vienna in 2008, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

In recent years, his work has been intimately linked to the place where it is created, the rural terrain outside his studio in Västmanland. In the late 1990s, Andreas Eriksson was living and working in Berlin, caught up in an intense phase of his burgeoning international career, with numerous major exhibitions, when he began to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. He was forced to move far away from the city, from densely populated areas, and the electromagnetic fields of urban life. Andreas Eriksson’s art has always been strongly associated with the context in which it is produced, his life and surroundings. In consequence, these radical changes in his existence are also reflected in his work. Trivial events and observations from everyday life and nature set off his metaphorical and existential contemplations.

Question by bob seesk: id like to make documentaries or films of some sort?
id like to make documentaries or films of some sort because i really enjoy doing it. how would i go about majoring in somethign like this, what would be some qualifications for this job? and what schools would be good for someone looking to do this as a career?

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Answer by Just enquiring/ inquiring
Get into a good school. Preferbly near Hollywood:


Ryerson School of Image Arts, Toronto – (Canada) , Film Studies
Queen’s University – (Canada) Film Studies
University of Toronto – (Canada), Cinema Studies
Vancouver Film School, Multimedia Dept.
University of Waterloo, Ontario – (Canada), Film Studies
Canadian Film Centre Toronto – (Canada) , Film Studies
York University film program, Toronto – (Canada) , Film Studies
University of Victoria, BC – (Canada) , Film Studies
Victoria Motion Picture School VMP School provides professional education for film industry
media training centre located on Galiano Island, BC. – (CANADA)
Columbia Acadamy – Dealing with media/video and broadcast production – BC (canada)
U. of Copenhagen, Institute for film and media – (Denmark)
Cinema Studies – at the University of Barcelona – (Spain)
Septima Ars – film and television school in Madrid, (Spain.)
National Film School of Denmark
Silicon Graphics
Radio and TV Institute – (Finland)
Department of Journalism, Media and Comm. – Stockholm University- Sweden
Volda College, Dept. of Media & Journalism – (Norway)
Australian Film TV & Radio School
The WWW site for Media Studies @ Edith Cowan University in Perth Western Australia

The national film and television School – UK
Sheffield University (UK) Film Unit
University of Wales, Aberystwyth The Department of Theatre, Film and Television
CILECT International Liaison Centre of Schools of Cinema and Television is an organization of the world’s leading schools of film and television.

L.O.A.F.S. LIBRARY OF ANNOTATED FILM SCHOOLS not only provides a comprehensive listing of film schools’ web sites from around the world, it also offers something that the film schools themselves do not reveal: honest, telling reviews and shared experiences from the film students themselves.
UK Guide To Student Film Societies
MSU Turkish Film and TV Institute
University College of Dublin – Film Courses
NYU – Department of Film and Television
The London International Film School.
FilmAkademie – (Germany)
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – (Italy)
Asian Academy Of Film & TV

Film resource, includes film schools – (Argentina)
Escuela de Cine de Chile – (Chile)

Chapman University Department of Film and Television located just 30 miles from Los Angeles–boasts a nonlinear post-production center, a state-of-the-art television studio, and an extensive array of film production gear.

University of Chicago
Columbia College – Hollywood Giving instruction in the Cinema, Television and Media Arts to Students and Professionals from Around the World

Columbia University Bulletin, 1994-95
Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University a place of encouragement for photographers, writers, filmmakers, scholars of history and literature, teachers, students, and others who struggle to pa rticipate in the lives of individuals and communities and to render these lives in documentary works of artistic, literary, and social value.
Florida St. University, School of Motion Picture, Television & Recording Arts
Full Sail One of the top schools of in the fields of digital media, film & video, and audio. In Orlando Florida.

Youthfilms.com – Great site for shorts
Interactive Cinema (part of the MIT Media Laboratory) – Cambridge, MA
The Media Lab at MIT
Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group at MIT
University of New Orleans Graduate and undergraduate film production program within the Department of Drama & Communications at the University of New Orleans.
New York Film Academy
Univ of North Texas, Dept. of RTVF Information on our BA, MA, MS programs in radio, television, film, KNTU-FM and NTTV (North Texas Television).
Orange Coast College Film/Video Department information on our program including our class schedules, recent awards, photos, and an overview of what our film/video production program covers.
Rice University , Dept. of Film/Video/Animation
NEW MEDIA AT RYERSON Home of the the NEW MEDIA program, geared to artists, educators, designers and communicators interested in using new technologies to explore new possibilities for production and distribution of media materials.
San Francisco State University, Cinema Department
CNTV – School of Cinema and Television at USC(U. of Southern California)
U. of Wisconsin Film Studies
The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan Film Studies
The Los Angeles Film School Film Studies
The University of Utah – Film Division
The University of Utah Texas – Dept. of Radio-Television-Film
Media Studies – A new department at the university of maine.
University of California at Berkley – Film Studies Program.
North Carolina School of the arts – Filmmaking.
College of Santa Fe – Moving Image Arts.
John Hopkins University – Film And Media studies.
De Anza College – two-year program in film, television production and animation.
San Diego University – School of film, television communications.

Aberdeen University Cinema Club – Aberdeen, UK

Media Resources Center at Cal Berkeley Entrypage
The ERaM (Ethnicity, Racism and the Media) Programme The ERaM Programme, recently established at the University of Bradford, UK, supports two email mailing lists for the discussion and dissemination of any and all news, information, policy statements and research on issues of ethnicity, racism and the media.

Welcome to BUFS – Bath University Film Society
Center for Modern Culture & Media (Brown University)
Edinburgh University Film Society
H-FILM’s Guide to Film/TV Resources (University of Houston)
Second Look Computing University of Iowa
Film and Television Gopher at Rice University
Student Video & Filmmakers’ Association (SVFA) supporting the future video and filmmakers of Hawai’i.
Vanderbilt University
Utah State University- Multimedia and Distance Learning Services Multimedia and Distance Learning Services- -We provide services in multimedia design, cd-rom development, TV production, graphics design, engineering, instructional design, teleconferencing, satellite uplinks and remote field productions.

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