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Q&A: Do I qualify for unemployment benefits?

Question by : Do I qualify for unemployment benefits?
I graduated in August with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and English Literature. I have tried applying everywhere. I’m either overqualified or they don’t want me. I’m beyond exasperated. I really cannot get a job. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve moved back in with my parents, which hasn’t been entirely bad, but I generate no income, so it is a bit frustrating.

Would I qualify for unemployment benefits? It’s not like I’m in poverty, by the way–my parents make a good living and I don’t have any bills or debt–but I need some income. Please don’t ridicule me for asking this. I’ve applied at Walmart (overqualified), McDonald’s (overqualified), Burger King (same thing), and you get the point. My only option is to teach, which I will do, but I missed the beginning of the 2010 school year and will have to wait until 2011’s school year.

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Answer by Sassy6gal
no, you have to have been unfairly fired from a job – that you held for a certain amount of months – to qualify for unemployment benefits

You could try applying for welfare – but I doubt that would work either!

If your parents don’t mind you being home, continue to live there while trying to find employment :) I had a couple of kids move back in for a while – a year or so, and now they are back on their own and doing very well

If you are concerned, talk to your parents – see how they feel about you being there, and let them know how you are feeling

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