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Which country has less Race problems: Norway or Sweden?

Question by : Which country has less Race problems: Norway or Sweden?
I’m thinking of going out there for a little while, get some fresh air, sigh seeing. Maybe rent an apartment for a couple of months. But I’m curious about the racism on those two countries. I’m black. I heard they both have a small minority of ultra-nationalism, but small. I’m curious. Also, I’m big on cross country skiing and camping. Mountains, forest, woods. Places like that. My dad was an Officer with in the 10th Special Forces Group with high altitude and cold weather training, who taught me as a young kid. So I understand Norway has that for me but I also like to go to bars. Not really clubs, but bars.

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Answer by Angelicoula
You’re black, so what?

Just go where you prefer and never care about what people thinks because it simply doesn’t matter

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jobs in bergen norway

Image by Nanaki
One of the things I am very happy about as a inhabitant in Bergen is how clean and green the centrum constantly is kept. Always blooming flowers, always running water and litter is frequently swept up and out of sight.
Trondheim, as it seems, does a similarly good job at this. These tulips grow outside the big church, Nidarosdomen.

The light came partly through the trees above our heads, leaving some flowers blood red, and others more desaturated. It smelled of rain in the summer, the freshest smell a city can offer.