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Requirements for moving to Norway from the UK?

Question by Half Psychotic Sick Hypnotic: Requirements for moving to Norway from the UK?
Do I need a Visa to move there?
Do I need a job to move there?

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Answer by Robert
It's EU just go.

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arne jacobsen, smokehouse, odden 1943
moving to norway

Image by seier+seier
odden smokehouse, odden, denmark 1943.
architect: arne jacobsen, 1902-1971.

I know…there is something wrong with these pictures – or at least with the date of the buildings they aim to portray. 1943.

because of the war, the history of architecture in europe almost skips an entire decade, the 1940’s, yet here are structures designed for peaceful purposes in nazi occupied europe by a jewish architect.

different countries were touched so very differently by this enormous and devastating conflict, and denmark – in spite of the german occupation – went almost untouched.

a number of disastrous wars in the 19th century had left the country powerless and a fraction of her previous size. when bismarck led prussia in the succesful liberation of denmark’s german speaking territories in 1864, only bismarck’s political intelligence saved denmark from complete annihilation. better a toothless neighbour than a large minority population.

the result was a strict policy of neutrality – undeniably a clever move for a small country so close to britain, germany, and russia – and in the first world war, it proved highly succesful.

neutrality, however, only works to the extent that it is respected by the warring countries and in the second world war, the germans needed denmark as a bridgehead to norway’s raw materials and the occupation was a fact.

germany claimed to be merely protecting Danish interests but these days, of course, we all know the names one might call an illegal occupation…in a strange way, though, the germans did offer a kind of protection by keeping the country out of active warfare and civil life continued, even for the danes of jewish descent.

the failure of the Danish state to actively resist nazism remains a point of national debate and even shame and a difficult topic since such resistance would have been futile from any other than a purely symbolic point of view.

in 1943, shortly after the completion of the smokehouse in odden, it all changed, though. plans to round up the danish jews and send them to concentration camps south of the border were leaked by a righteous german and a massive, improvised rescue of the copenhagen jews to neutral sweden was set in motion, the only heroic act on a national level I know of in the entire history of denmark which is otherwise best described as a thousand years of meaningless warfare.

jacobsen escaped in a rowboat at night and survived his exile as a graphic designer. I recently came across one of his beautiful wallpapers in an old swedish summer house.

and what about the smokehouse? its abstract traditionalism is most likely the combined result of a lack of all but the most low-tech of local materials and the nationalist spirit inevitable in an occupied country. it remains a paradox that such a combination was favoured by nazi ideology.

more arne jacobsen

Question by Dremord Drale: Which should I move to? Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Norway?
I am looking to move to a good country with good people, open minded people, a good government, a good economy, ETC.

I was looking at these four countries and I am curious which would be best? And PLEASE add WHY it’s better.

Thank you very much.

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Answer by AJ
Strange question. You should first want to know why you are moving before answering the question which country is the best country to move to. They all have pluses and minus. Personally I like Denmark, but had a great time in Sweden as well.
Why? Great people, beautiful women and wonderful night life.

Good luck.


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