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Studying Abroad: Scandinavia?

Question by Nellie Mckay: Studying Abroad: Scandinavia?
Hello —

I am an aspiring music student, situated in Canada. I am wondering, is it possible to go abroad and study music in Scandinavia? I’m leaning toward Denmark or Norway.

A few questions:
– Would you need to speak fluent Norwegian or Danish? As the classes are probably taught in that language.

– Is it roughly the same tuition cost or more than regular North American colleges/universities?

– Any other misc information on studying abroad in Scandinavia, or of it’s music schools?

Thanks bundles. :) (I’m learning Norwegian and next up Danish, so I thought I could put it to use as well.)

Best answer:

Answer by Normannen
1. No, if that was the case neither Norway nor Denmark would not have many foreign students. I would say that close to Norwegian and Danish students speak English, maybe not all fluently and most with a distinct accent, but perfectly understandable.

2. I would actually think it’s cheaper (the fee you pay to the university that is). As a Norwegian citizen I pay 100 dollars each semester in tuition costs. I can’t say for sure how much a foreign student would have to pay, but I would say that the costs of housing and living certainly will be your major source of outgoing payments.

3. Not really. Come along, and have a laugh. We are nice people, and we quite like Canadians, more so than Americans.

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study in norway

Image by Todd Huffman
I was a ‘visiting scientist’ for a bit this summer at the Amdam lab in Norway, WHICH MEANS I GOT TO PLAY WITH BEES!

But for serious, they are a great lab and I’m jazzed to be doing a little project for them. I pasted an excerpt from the lab website below to explain generally what they are doing.

"The making of a social insect – the regulatory architectures of social design

The origins of social behavior in insects are sought by mechanistic and evolutionary approaches with the common goal of understanding the foundations of social life. The transitions from solitary to social living are studied at multiple levels of analysis ranging from molecular genetics and genomics to evolutionary theories of inclusive fitness and altruism. A fundamental focus of this research is to explain how complex social phenotypes can evolve from ancestral solitary forms. Our group addresses the same question using a battery tools to integrate insights on biochemistry, functional genomics, proteomics, physiology and behavior. We use the highly eusocial honey bee (Apis mellifera) as primary model organism, with particular emphasis on social life-history regulation – including aging."

And for those more interested, a link to their articles.

Question by happy_child: study abroad question?
I want to studay abroaad this academic year 2008-2009, but i dont have any french language experiecne? what should i do?

Best answer:

Answer by wums
well i have moved like 4 times cuz my dad’s a diplomat, so it’s on and off. well you’ll adjust fast, just like i adjusted to argentina. i have also been to france, they r rili sweet so u’ll be fine. just be determined and confident u’ll definteli adjust in no time.

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