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What and when should I visit in Norway?

Question by Gerard: What and when should I visit in Norway?
Planning a 3 weeks trip!

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Answer by Amymoni
Three weeks in Noway gives you time to do a lot! How will you travel once you’re there? By car, train, bus…? Also, what is your budget? What interests you?
Without knowing all that, it is hard to give good advice.

But: Go in the summer, if you don’t like cold/rain/snow…

• Oslo, the capital, is not so great… But if this is the city you arrive in, go to the train station. Different international ratings consider the train ride between Oslo and Bergen the most exciting and beautiful train ride in the world.
• So go for the next biggest city, Bergen, on the south west coast. After experiencing this beautiful city, you can board a ship that will take you to some of the wonderful, unique fjords. Many companies offer trips like that. In a survey of the most popular World Heritage sites, Norway’s western fjords emerged as the winner.
• Friendly Stavanger, south of Bergen, has the best night life in Norway.
• In the summer, the coastal towns of southern Norway are very beautiful. White wooden small houses surrounds lively harbours, full of small boats and people eating fresh shrimps.
Try Kragerø or Lillesand.

Find more on: http://www.visitnorway.com/

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Question by Sam Haugen: what is the daily life of a norwegian citizen?
what is the life of a normal norwegian citizen? I’m doing a report and i don’t really know about daily life. what do they do in norway such as eat, do for free time, work, or what a school kid’s life. I kniw there life is alot like the americans, i think? but what are some differences.

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Answer by Zero
Wake up. Fish for breakfast. Eat lots of meat and drink heavily. Sail ships. Pillage villages. Have lots of sex with multiple partners. Go to sleep. Repeat.

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