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I can’t get to the normal site of my space. It’s like it’s encrypted or java script. What can I do to fix it?

Question by monnmak: I can’t get to the normal site of my space. It’s like it’s encrypted or java script. What can I do to fix it?
this is what it looks like when I go to www.myspace.com

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Best answer:

Answer by riotxblackout
I was trying to get on ALL afternoon and the same thing happened to me. I just clicked on sign up>log in>then I went all the way down and it let me sign in.

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Question by Joshskaa: Does love last when you’ve used technology to take a detour on your life path?
eHarmony, Facebook, Tumblr, PlentyofFish, Myyearbook–all of these sites and apps that are available to us.
We use them to meet new people, people around the block and people on the other face of earth. We get feelings for them, sometimes mutual–and it results in a long distance relationship or some sort of change-in-course to be with them physically. A relationship has begun. But will it last? Was it meant to be?
My point is, for thousands of years humans have found their mates through their footpath in life. But perhaps if these dating sites and social networking technologies were available even 50 years ago, would Mrs. Jones have been Mrs. Hunt instead? Would your grandmother have met someone else instead of your grandfather? You get the idea.
I have begun to wonder if meeting people online is pointless–in terms of relationships, even friendships I suppose…
I’ve met MANY people the past four years online and VERY few stick around. I feel like the real friends we’re supposed to have, and the real relationships we’re supposed to have, are being pushed away by taking alternate routes to meet other people. Because had I not had a MyYearbook account, I would’ve never met Joe Shmoe from LA, or Jack from Norway, or a theoretical ex. And frankly, none of them bother to stick around because it’s not like we see each other in school every week like we do with the bfs/gfs and friends we have that stay with us for years. What do you guys think? Are most relationships that are established by modern technology capable of having meaning, and importance to one’s life? Or are they pretty much bound to last a few months at most before you two just stop texting and emailing and calling and it’s back to the drawing board?

Best answer:

Answer by ℒ’amour est ℒe chaos
Dont be ignorant about it. Its the same people just expanding your distances. Romantic relationships works out if you plan on meeting someone in person eventually but friends online works even if you dont meet. I have friends online that are closer than any friends i ever had in person. I also know people that have met online then dater in person and they all said they were the same person, they only got their energy level guessed wrong at most but the other stuff is the same. Of course you ahve to actually talk to these people, if its just some person you added to your facebook just to raise your friend count and you never talk to them they dont count as a real friend.

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