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Question by wyverex_auctor: Snow+Motorbike=Crash?
I’m considering a trip to the beautiful north of Norway on my motorbike, but my friend just said “what ya gonna do when it snows then? get some snow chains for ya bike? Hahaha” Then I thought “hey yeah, that might work”. Does anyone know of such a device that when fitted to a motorbike makes it possible to ride it in the snow? It is a Honda Hornet (599), I looked for off road knobblies, but you can’t get them in a 180 size (for the rear). Please help me, at least so I can shove it right up his sarcastic arse! Cheers in advance!

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Answer by bikkerbabeee
snow tires are made for bikes as well. there are also spike strips and similar items. ask a motorcycle dealer or off road specialist.

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From the national jamboree for the Norwegian YMCA-YWCA scouts (KFUK-KFUM-speiderne), Røros, Norway.

Question by Help save our Country: Why do you like Socialism? Does it or has it ever worked for other countries?

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Answer by transom
sweden’s doing pretty well

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