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How Norway is better than US in standard living?

Question by cathe: How Norway is better than US in standard living?

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Answer by LittleThing
Scandanavia is just better period! I love Stockholm. Better air quality and less working hours!

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østensjøvannet puddle healing me
live in norway

Image by shannonkringen
title: østensjøvannet puddle healing me
medium: digital photography
intended presentation context: for web and print showing

østensjøvannet is a wildlife bird sanctuary in oslo norway. a very gorgeous place. #349 of the 365 day challenge.

Shannon Kringen, 43. This photo is special to me because i am healing my emotional wounds and learning to love myself and embrace all the facets of "self". i know that to love others i must also love myself. it’s a self portrait in a puddle. i was walking around østensjøvannet in Oslo Norway. a wildlife and bird sanctuary. i live in the USA but have roots in Norway. this was my first time visiting Norway. the sun was setting, a gentle breeze was blowing and i felt like i was healing something deep within myself on this walk i took in solitude feeling connected to all of nature as i walked around the lake and saw many beautiful birds swimming and flying above me. i titled this photo "østensjøvannet puddle healing me".

Question by Kevin: Anybody here live by Sor Trondelag, Norway?
I’m full blooded Norwegian, but born in Minnesota, U.S. I’m researching with my family tree and ancestry.com with the help of my parents and grandparents. The majority of my ancestors lived in Trondelag (Including grandparents) Just wondering if anybody on here is from around there. Do you like it there? I haven’t found much for pictures or video of Trondelag. Any good sites for that? Know anybody with these last names?


Thanks for any answers!! I hope to visit Trondelag someday. Norway looks like a beautiful country!! :)

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Answer by GenevievesMom
If you’re seriously trying to find Norwegian help, contact the folks at St. Olaf College, Finlandia University in Michigan or North Park University in Chicago. All have excellent Scandinavian Studies programs that are very friendly to genealogists.

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