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Q&A: Whats some cultural stereotypes of norway?

Question by Petter: Whats some cultural stereotypes of norway?
I’m norwegian myself and i’m just curious about what other people asosiate with my country.

half timbered houses, lederhosen, beer, etc…
Narrow brick buildings, dutch cap, cheese, etc…
Mountain chalets, tyrolean hats, fondue, etc…

Don’t include modern stereotypes like death metal, oil and welfare. Don’t mention vikings either. Kind’a going for that inbetween one.
These are stereotypes. Thei’re not ment be accurate.

Best answer:

Answer by Liz
I lived in Germany for many years and never saw half timbered houses ( be too cold in their harsh winters ) never saw lederhosen on a kraut either. Beer yes , but thats the same everywhere except Norway where its only permitted from certain places , and all but banned .Fjords are what define a Norwegian maybe ? Beautiful country .

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Reason To Live
living in norway

Image by aha42 | tehaha
Title is what she did sing.

From outdoor scene down town (Torgallmenningen) Saturday afternoon.

I dedicate this shot to all photographers anywhere that may not feel to well, in the small infinite set of things more important than photographing your health is the most valuable…

Please do take care!

View On Black

See Morten Hoff’s comment for details on singer!