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Q&A: Is BP Failure to Stop Spill proof private Corps are worthless to protect people & environment?

Question by stu: Is BP Failure to Stop Spill proof private Corps are worthless to protect people & environment?
The anti-government Tea People and some of the hard right wing GOP all say that government is the enemy and private business does a better job at everything. But the BP massive spill, the worst environmental disaster in the US, and their failure to install shut off valves or to stop the oil leak, prove that private companies are worthless when it comes to protecting Americans, their livelihood, their oceans, their wetlands, and the environment? Does it look like the government has to step in and do the job that private business is incapable of doing?

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Answer by Abdullah the Rula II
Don’t go mixing up the real Tea Party with the base of the GOP, which have basically nothing in common.

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Question by Kimai: What are some current problems in Norway?
Research project, need a topic. CURRENT problems in Norway. Please list as many as you can. Don’t make them up…provide some sources if possible.
Like political, social, etc, enviromental, not the weather.

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Answer by Hawaii traveller
I’m norwegian, but can’t think of any very LARGE problems, but here are some challenges/issues:

-What to do after the oil is gone? A lot of the jobs in Norway today is related to the offshore industry. Norway is one of the wealthies countries in the world because of the oil reserves on the North sea shelf. The countries income is a lot bigger than the national budget. The excess money is put in an “oil fund” to save for future generations as the oil won’t last forever. However, Norway is currently trying to focus more on renewable energy hoping that this “industry” in the future can take the offshore industrys place. Currently wind turbines at sea is a major priority area.

-EU-membership: Norway is not a member of the EU. Every time this has been up for a vote, the vote has been very close, but always in favour of the “No” side. There are many reasons for the scepticism: One is fishing which is still a large trade for Norway. The EU wants larger rights to fish in the norwegian waters which off course Norway does not like. But the way I see it is that the larger issue is that Norway is a VERY small country (4,5 mill people) but with a lot of natural resources. The fear is that we will lose control of these and also not have a very large say in where the money will be spent. All in all: will there be a great amount of cash flowing out of the country and not a great deal in??

-Health Care: It is free for everyone, BUT at the moment there are problems with cutbacks. There are usually a waiting list for non-emergent operations and some hospitals have to little capacity and have to place patients in corridors.

-Integration of immigrants (like almost everywhere else…)

-The cruise tourism causes a lot of pollution in fjords and cities. You can often sea photos of cruise ships in the well known Geirangerfjorden with a lot of black smoke coming out og their chimneys and leaving a haze around the whole area as the mountains block it from getting out… (This might be an interesting project for you if you are American considering that Americans are the largest group travelling by cruise ships.

OK, these are some issues, can’t think of something else right now, but I’m sure you have plenty to choose from here…

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