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Q&A: Hi,what is the job opportunity in norway for international students.?

Question by rahul: Hi,what is the job opportunity in norway for international students.?
Hi I am Shiv,moving to Norway for further studies in social work.its been three years in New Zealand and here students normally have one year open graduate work permit when they finish their studies for looking a related job to their studies.So the question is when i will finish my study in Norway am i gonna have such type of work permit so i can look for the job related to my type of studies.and if you can give a bit idea about getting a job there in social work so would be appreciated.thank you

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Answer by Charles W
The problem you will have is UDI (see udi.no) and the tax authorities (skatteetaten.no) do not have the same criteria for deciding if you live in Norway so, like me, you can end up working in Norway for the bulk of a 20+ year period yet still have to return to the (in my case) UK for medical treatment and be regarded as merely a visiting migrant worker by UDI even though you have owned a house in Norway for 12 years and have a 12 year old Norwegian born child. On top of that, you will discover the money deducted from your wages has translated into no pension or entitlement to stay in Norway.

Under no circumstances consider working in Norway until you have an agreement in a language you understand you can produce in court if necessary but be warned, you won’t get to court because the taxes here and the cost of lawyers will prevent you ever getting your case heard. The state knows you will run out of money before they do.

Come to Norway on holiday. It’s pretty but so are other places. Don’t think of trying to settle here.

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Question by Ryan M: What are the best jobs in Norway?
I’m considering moving to Norway to complete my master’s degree. Currently I have a bachelor’s of science in Applied Physics. Which fields are the best considering salary, employment rate, and future development?

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Answer by Mrs Lynette .B 07/09/10
you made a good choice going to norway but the best fields there r accounting and chemical engineering

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