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Q&A: wish to study undergraduate in norway from bangladesh?

Question by Tanwir: wish to study undergraduate in norway from bangladesh?
i cant speak norweigian…can i still study in norway,,,how much would the tuition and living cost there>

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Answer by bla bla
Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to live in so it would be very expensive indeed and unless you are a Norwegian passport holder you would not be eligable for any benefits either

I do not really understand how you can pick a country that you want to study in, that you have never visited (otherwise you would know how expensive it is), and have no knowledge or affinity with either the culture or language. Even if there was a course in (e.g.) English then you would still have to communicate outside of the college in Norwegian.

I would recommend that you take a visit there first to get an impression of Norway before you go any further. The climate, culture and cost of living is dramatically different from that in Bangladesh and it can be a lonely life being isolated abroad

Good luck whatever you choose.

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Question by Boen: What do you think about Norway?
What do YOU think about Norway?
Not the country, but its role in the world (politically, not military).
I really want answers on this one ;)

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Answer by Max Hoopla

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