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If a more socialized government is so bad, why do the most successful countries have heavy socialistic traits?

Question by Surreal Dissolution: If a more socialized government is so bad, why do the most successful countries have heavy socialistic traits?
Top 5 happiest countries in the world according to Forbes:
1. Denmark
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Netherlands

Top 5 countries with the least amount of poverty according to the Human Poverty Index:
1. Sweden
2. Norway
3. Netherlands
4. Finland
5. Denmark

All of these countries have a very socialistic traits in their governments.



Human Poverty Index:


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Answer by National Bolshevik
And why is the MOST sucessful country, the United States, a capitalist nation?

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Question by Rosalinda Marie: Can I afford college education in Norway?
Hi, I have a lot of questions so thank you ahead of time for reading! I want to go to college in Norway. I’m still not sure what I will major in, but I’d prefer the campus to be in Oslo. I’m from America, I’m learning the language and all, but I heard that a American needs one year of college education to be eligible to go to college in Norway. Is this true? My parents won’t be coming with me so I will have ro support myself. I will either live on campus or in a apartment near by. I’d prefer not to have a car, it seems like Oslo has a lot of other transportation options. I plan on working too, if I can find a job. Can I make enough to pay for school, rent, and other needs like food? If I earn scholarships in America, are they good in Norway? I’m not sure if my parents are paying for the schooling. They go off and on with it. I’d also like to take a dance class, is this possible on a college budget and timetable?

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Answer by Akkurat
Most European bachelors are three years, and I know that at least in Norway just an US HS diploma isn’t enough to get in. According to NOKUT (link below), you need:
– HS Diploma + 1 year college studies in academic subjects with grade C or better
OR HS Diploma and 3 Advanced Placement Tests with at least grade 3

Most courses at undergrad level will be taught in Norwegian. All foreign students that seek admission must pass a Norwegian Language test for almost all Bachelor programs (see link about Bergenstest)

Almost all universities and university colleges are tuition free in Norway. You still have to pay for your housing, food, transportation and books, and depending on where you live it can easily cost around 100,000 NOK per year. In order to gain a study permit you must also prove that you can sustain yourself for the coming year, and that require you to have around 95,000NOK in the bank. You must provide this proof each year, and it will increase with the general inflation.

It’s possible to work maximum 20 hours each week while you are on a study visa (40 hours in the school holidays). The problem will be to find such a job, as there are many others in a similar situation. The current unemployment rate is quite low, and if you know the language it should be possible to find something. The wages for unskilled workers are quite a bit better than in the US, so it’s not totally unrealistic to earn enough to pay most of your cost.

American scholarships have varied rules. You must check to see if you can use any of them abroad, but I would guess that most of them are linked to certain American universities. It’s unlikely you will qualify for any of the common programs in Norway, but you can check out the link below.

Norwegian universities doesn’t have the same kind of campus that you are familiar with in the US. There are no student housing on the campus. The Student Welfare Organization in Oslo (SiO) does offer a lot of student housing, but they don’t have enough to provide for everyone. Most students rent from the private market. Students normally live in a single room, but have to share the bathroom and kitchen with one or more other students. Many students also join forces in order to rent an entire apartment and live together.

The public transport system in Oslo is quite good, and most students doesn’t have a car. If you can’t get accommodations near your campus, it’s almost as good to live near the main transport routes. Check out the link on transport below.

Dance class:
Everyone needs a hobby, and the Oslo Student Sports Club provide a lot of options. They have a dance club, and they provide VERY cheap dance classes for students.

Good luck with your college education!

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