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Q&A: Any good jobs in Sweden or Norway for the summer for a foreign student?

Question by Horea: Any good jobs in Sweden or Norway for the summer for a foreign student?
Hello everyone, I want to work next summer in Sweden or Norway. I was thinking of a simple job as a waiter or a driver. I would really like to have fun and meet new people there. Does anybody have some tips on the conditions there and if anyone had an experience similar to this, I would really apreciate any information you can give me. Thank you
Thankx for the answers, maybe I will find something with work and travel

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Answer by John
Not going to happen unless you are fluent in the language. have a work permit or from the EU and then your chances are just slightly better than none.

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Grønland, Oslo – Norway
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Image by Beatrice N. Kabutakapua
"I prefer Norway to Sweden, you can find more African food." This is Charles talking to me in the streets of Oslo. He considers himself to be Swedish as he flew from Nigeria to the Scandinavian country 16 years ago.

In the last month he has been living in the Anker Hostel, right behind Grønland in Oslo, where is currently looking for a job.

Grønland is the multicultural neighborhood in Oslo. Situated on the east side of the river Akerselva, it started to host migrants from the ’60s.

Some believes the quarter is now more populated by Muslims than in the past, as the majority of residents are from Pakistan and Somalia.

On a five-million population, Norway has 11,4% people coming from foreign countries. The largest ethnic group being Pakistani Norwegians.


"Preferisco la Norvegia alla Svezia, si trova più cibo africano." Charles mi racconta di lui per le strade del centro di Oslo. Dopo aver passato 16 anni in Svezia si considera svedese nonostante sia originario della Nigeria.

Attualmente Charles è alla ricerca di un lavoro. Nell’ultimo mese ha vissuto nell’ostello Anker, dietro al quartiere chiamato Grønland.

Grønland è il quartiere multiculturale di Oslo. Situato sul lato orientale del fiume Akerselva, ha iniziato a ospitare migranti sin dagli anni ’60.

Qualcuno ritiene che il quartiere oggi sia più popolata da musulmani rispetto al passato, considerato che la maggior parte dei residenti provengono dal Pakistan e la Somalia.

Con una popolazione cinque milioni di abitanti, il 11,4% di persone in Norvegia proviene da paesi stranieri. Il più grande gruppo etnico è quello pakistano.

Question by M.Danish: Norway Information Required?
I wanted to know some info about the Norway…how much long day and night there and what are the ways to work there how Job time start and end…and more u know about NORWY country other then wikipedia site please…

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Answer by timelord1962
Here’s a lot of links to information about Norway:








All the information you want to know can be found on these sites.

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